Friday, August 23, 2013

JCP Fitting Room Reviews

I had no idea how magical of a place JCP is. Things have definitely improved greatly from the JCPenney I remember from back-to-school shopping in 1995. While making my way to the checkout counter, I had to resist veering off into other racks of clothes and finding more stuff.

A few things prompted me to go over there today, and I wanted to give credit where credit's due. First, I kept admiring all the JCP items Piper wore on her blog. Also, I've been wanting to check out the Pearl by Georgina Chapman line since I'm a Marchesa fan. The thing that finally convinced me to go was this adorable top Jen wore on her blog, which I ordered online and had shipped to the store.

Oh yeah, it doesn't hurt that they have a Sephora. Well, they do in the Menomonee Falls location. The Brookfield one is coming soon. I will be back...

Here are the two items I purchased in the store:

I Heart Ronson Mixed Jacquard Flutter Skirt
on sale for $16.99, size 16
Whenever I see this skirt silhouette on other bloggers, I'm instantly jealous. Of course, now I can't find any examples, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I remember owning a couple skirts like this (but in pink and yellow) in college, so maybe they make me nostalgic. Who knows. It's too short to wear to work, I think, so maybe I'll have to wear it to whatever blogger get together I go to next. Or try it with tights. Or both.

Juniors' maxi dress I can't find online $22, size XL
Here's the thing. I've been buying quite a few maxi dresses lately ever since my husband told me he likes me in them. Plus, I love maxi dresses. And this one was everything I've been looking for in a maxi dress but haven't been able to find - short sleeves, defined waist, cutout back, long-enough length. Good thing I had to wander into the juniors' department to find a fitting room, or I wouldn't have seen this. I'm definitely going to pack it for our upcoming Nashville vacay.

And the rest, some of which almost came home with me, too:

Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa Floral Lace Skinny Pants on sale for $19.99, size 14
The only Pearl items I grabbed were the ones I could find in my size on the clearance racks. I tried to give Georgina Chapman some of my money, but it wasn't meant to be.  But these pants almost made me jump on the printed-pant bandwagon. They are pretty badass, yes? I couldn't bring myself to do it, though. They were a little tight, and a little short, and sitting would've been a problem. 

Faux leather pants, size 14. I can't remember what brand they are, but it's not a big loss.
In general, I'm not a big fan of anything quilted, but these pants were kind of cool. Except for the back of them. Could the pockets be any wider? For years, I've been wanting to try the leather leggings + long sweater look, but I'll have to wait longer. Then again, I'd stick out like a sore thumb wearing that in the suburbs anyway, so maybe not. 

I Heart Ronson Cutout-Back Dress on sale for $23.99, size...12? 14? I can't remember.
There's no way this is not a nightgown. I mean, it's not, but it should be. I liked it on, but I really don't know if it has a place outside of the bedroom.

I Heart Ronson Scuba Dress on sale for $23.99, size XL I think
Not the type of sweater dress I've been searching for, that's for sure. Oddly loose on top and very short. This dress might be better suited for someone with a straighter figure who wants to create curves. Maybe. Even the model looks kind of boxy. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, though, because the one reviewer on the site said the exact opposite.

Pearl by Georgina of Marchesa Peplum Dress on sale for $34.99 (but I think it was $20 in the store), size 14
OMG peplum. Do I really need more peplum in my life? No. This dress fit as expected for my pear shape - loose on top and tight on the bottom. It was an easy decision to pass this one up.

9 & Co. Belted Swing Dress on sale for $29.99 ($15.99 in the store), size 12
This one almost came home with me. I love the sleeves; I love the tweed; I even love the drop waist, but the drop waist didn't love me. Sizing up may have helped, but then it probably would've been big on top. Plus, they didn't have a 14 there. I didn't find the belt until after I looked again, so who knows if that would've improved things or not. Although I liked it, it's clearly a little tight, and it's way more spring than fall. Who knows what size I'll be come spring.

Allen B. One-Shoulder Print Maxi Dress on sale for $29.99, size 12
This one was fine, but the flutter sleeve reminded me too much of my mom's old bridesmaids dresses that I used to play dress up with.

Allen B. Studded Cutout Dress on sale for $49.99 (but I didn't realize that and thought it was $70), size large.
Why? Why with the cutouts? What is the purpose? Although I had no plans of buying this dress at $70 (and certainly not at $280 like its designer-label twin sister), I wanted to try it on because it looked fun until I noticed those darn pointless cutouts.

As for the two things I ordered online, I need your opinion on those.

Worthington Peplum Top on sale for $13.99, size large tall
Not only do they offer this top in tall sizes, they offer it in extra-tall sizes. Mind blown. This seemed to run small to me, but the length is perfect. All peplum tops should have tall sizes. It fits alright otherwise, but I feel like I have to suck in all the time, and there are weird gaps at the armpits. Those are easy to fix, but I don't know if it's worth doing, or if I should return it. Exchanging it for a bigger size isn't an option because they're pretty much all sold out. One of my coworkers actually has this top, too, so I'd have to be careful when I wore. I'm weird about matching. In theory, though, I love this top.

jcp Ankle-Length Pants on sale for $19.99, size 16 tall
These pants come in long, tall, ultra-tall, petite, short, and regular. I'm not even sure what all of those mean, but I went with tall. Reviews said these ran small, so I ordered a 16. They were a little big in the waist and actually a little longer than ankle-length pants should probably be. The length is easy to fix, but I don't know about the waist gap.

What do you think? Should I return the top and the pants or make them work for me?


  1. Have to say that i never look at JcPenney anymore, but you've made me want to go back in.
    I love the top and the print. I say tailor it and keep it. Ankle length dark pants are easier to find so I say take them back if they're not right.

  2. I need to start taking pics of me in the dressing room, trying on stuff. It is AMAZING how differently things fit depending on the shape of the garment. You really do have to try things on! I think the dotted peplum top looks great on you -- I would definitely keep it and tailor the armholes. I've been thinking about doing that as well -- the excess fabric that lines the armholes keeps popping out on me. And yes, as we are basically the same size and shape, I have the same problem with dresses that are too loose up top and too tight on the bottom. Go pears! ;)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  3. That maxi dress is fabulous!! Live the cutout detailing on the back.

  4. I actually LOVE that tweed dress on you. I understand what you mean about dropwaist, however, I think you actually have the figure to pull it off; it looks amazing on you. If you have an aversion to visible (through clothes) belly button dents like I do (haha), you could always wear a slip or shapewear.

  5. Oh, and about the pants, why don't you return them for the normal length if you think they are a little long? Or was the normal length too short? I think we are about the same height (5'8") and I've found that the tall version of most brands of pants is actually made for someone several inches taller than me.

  6. I've been thinking about doing a post similar to this for awhile. I always take the pics, but then talk myself out of posting them. I really like the faux leather pants. The big pockets are perfect for my big ass. ;) Seriously, though, it's a thing. I was really excited about the Pearl line, but then I noticed in store they don't offer most items beyond a size 12 and their sizing is small. I like the peplum top, but I would like it more if the peplum were bigger, like stuck out more. I think that's why you're uncomfortable in it. I say return it.

  7. I completely agree with you about the increased quality of JCP over the past couple of years! I used to shop there ALL THE TIME (the a.n.a. brand was a go-to for me in college and the year or two afterwards), but fell out of love with it for a while. Lately, they've had so many adorable things that I want to try! I'll have to go again soon to see if I can find anything I need to add to my closet :) I'm so glad you kept that top - it looks great on you!