Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vacation Recap

First off, thanks so much to my guest posters, Elena, April, and Pamela!  I enjoyed reading about what you're all looking forward to this summer.  Hopefully some sort of a blogger meetup is included in those plans!

I myself got a little taste of summer this weekend while vacationing in Orlando with one of my BFFs.  We took over 200 pictures between the two of us and hit up Universal parks in addition to visiting a friend in St. Petersburg.

Nerding it up with our wands and Hogwarts T-shirts

Since my weekend recap was getting really long, I put it on a separate page. To read all about my fun vacation, head on over here.

If you would like all 200+ vacation photos, they are located here.

It happened to work out that what I had packed for my traveling home day of vacation kind of looked like Emma Stone's outfit for Inspiration Monday (pastel-ish colored dress with a black pattern). I just decided to take along a black sweater instead of the white zip up sweatshirt I originally planned on, and I was good to go.  But when it was in the high 80s both in Orlando and Milwaukee, I ended up skipping the sweater altogether and just going with a scarf.  So it's a pretty loose interpretation.  But the bag is the same color, so that's something.

Here's the inspiration photo:

And my accidental but convenient interpretation:

Pointing to "Luna," one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.  Also, the name of the tower we stayed in.

Scarf substituted for the leather jacket in the inspiration photo.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Guest Post by Ginger Girl: It's Summertime

While I'm on vacation in Orlando, I've invited a few local style and mommy bloggers to tell you about what they're looking forward to this summer. Here is Pamela from Ginger Girl.

I was so flattered that Rebekah asked me to provide a guest post while she’s away enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend. It was exciting to find a fellow SE Wisconsin blogger and one with such a creative sense of style. I feel like I found a new friend. Thanks for including me, Rebekah!

So, this past weekend, I was thinking about different post ideas while I was sitting out on my deck enjoying the first real sun of the season. The smell of my SPF 60 (yes, I am a fair skinned red head that burns at the mere thought of the sun) combined with a Kenny Chesney song instantly put me in the mood for summertime activities and I instantly thought about all the good times we have planned this summer. Sure, Milwaukee may be known for being a “brew city” but it’s also the city of festivals. Whether it’s Polish fest, Summerfest, or Tosa Fest, there’s something happening every weekend of the summer. I love listening to live music, eating fried foods, and people watching. After a few hit and misses in the oufit detail, I think I’ve finally got it down pat. And while I’ve got nothing against a sassy high heel, every shoe has its place. And, in my opinion, a 4” pump doesn’t belong at a fair. Instead, here’s what I’m sporting:

it's summertime

Sunscreen is a must. I love La Roche Posay sunscreen products for my body and face. Seriously, I do wear SPF 60 on my face and this brand has never led to a break out. A bit pricey, yes, but it’s worth it.

I picked up this cute Eugenia Kim for Target fedora last year and have already worn it a couple times this season. Not only does it provide additional sunblock for the face and hair, but it’s stylish to boot!

I found a suspiciously similar pair of nude semi-cat eye sunglasses at Forever 21. I’m an accessories addict, so when a pair of sunglasses is less than $6, I usually buy a few. Especially when worn with the hat, you can totally check out everyone in the crowd without being obvious. Love it.

As I mentioned previously, I can’t see wearing uber high heels to a concert or festival when I know I will be on my feet for hours. An espadrille is the perfect answer to that problem. You can still get some length in your legs but have the comfort of a springy wedge. For this type of occasion, I tend to stay away from a wooden wedge and opt for the more ropey cushioned variation. I’ve walked many a mile in my espadrilles.

A purse with a crossbody strap is just perfect for a festival. Nothing like being hands free to carry around your cold beverage of choice and a basket of cheese curds (it’s a Wisconsin thing, trust me). My Rebecca Minkoff clutch is the perfect size for holding my iphone, ID and cash. I love the bag in the pop of color orange. Perfect.

The shorts and top can be switched out to a tank or jersey dress. My above listed accessories will pretty much be the same. So, if you’re at Lambeau Field on June 11 and you see a redhead walking around sporting this look, come over and say hi. It will be me.

How about you. Do you have any style tips for navigating the summer concert scene?

If you want to know more about me and what I’m up to, be sure to follow me on Twitter @gingergirl4242!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guest Post by Plus Size Momma

While I'm on vacation in Orlando, I've invited a few local style and mommy bloggers to tell you about what they're looking forward to this summer. Here's April from Plus Size Momma.

I was asked by Rebekah to do a guest post for her, and though I was excited I was also a bit intimidated. Not only does she have more readers, but she’s far more put together than I am and I wasn’t sure what I could offer in the form of gibberish. She recommended that I write something about what I’m looking forward to this summer, and unfortunately due to my recent Negative Nelly attitude I can’t be oh so excited about summer… but I’ll try my best, for Rebekah, because she’s fricken’ fantastic (see, I even curbed my swearing… just for her!).

Ode to Summer

hot humid
better than this
windy rainy
grey space.

sleeveless, SPF
painted toes
waxing appointments,
yeah, I said it.

Now that I was brilliantly impromptu, let’s talk Summer for real here. I cannot wait to open my sunroof (moon roof, what have you) and let my arm hang out the driver’s side window. I can’t wait to finally wear tank tops without a sweatshirt over them. I can’t wait to wear my flip flops outside of the house, and I can’t wait to see the look on my son’s face when I plop him down into a (very shallow, of course) pool for the first time. Oh what fun that will be! I just hope summer comes soon or else he’ll outgrow all those cute short sleeved& sleeveless rompers I recently bought. I love ice cream, and soon enough I won’t get crazy stares for eating it (in negative degree temperatures). I do not like the oppressive heat that comes with a Midwest summer, but I love that even as an adult summer still (always) feels like “vacation”.

To tell you the truth, I’m pretty surprised Rebekah asked me to guest post, considering my wacky, not very formatted way of writing things. I’m happy she did though. It’s an honor really.

So, with that said, I look forward to summer because I’m hell bound on setting up a play date between our little ones. At only a week ish apart they must be friends, and I’m dying to see how two completely different random women meet and get along.

I’m a sucker for social experiments.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Guest Post by Caffeinerd

While I'm on vacation in Orlando, I've invited a few local style and mommy bloggers to tell you about what they're looking forward to this summer. First up is Elena from Caffeinerd.

Hi! I'm Elena---I have a little (life)style blog called Caffeinerd. I'm very excited to be guest-posting while Rebekah is away (thanks for having me!). She asked that I share a little about what I'm looking forward to this summer.

Well, this has certainly been on my mind----especially every time Mother Nature throws us Milwaukeeans another windy, miserable storm----so I was happy to oblige! I should note that, as a speech/language pathologist for a public school, I have the summer off. I know, it's a little ridiculous. I get to live life like a 5-year-old...forever. So, in any case, the summer break is pretty darn enticing to me right now. Starting June 11th I can't wait to a) enjoy iced coffee as much as possible, b) take long walks with my puppy along Lake Michigan, c) get seriously into wedding planning (7 months to go!), d) have many drinks and brunches outside (Trocadero, anyone?), e) attend every festival possible on the Summerfest grounds (and see Florence & the Machine rock it on July 6th!), f) purchase and wear a whole lot of maxi skirts/dresses; g) read in lawn chairs (or hammocks) for hours, h) eat lots of ice cream. A little more seriously, I'm really excited to start volunteering with a literacy group and meet more people in Milwaukee. The city is still relatively new to me, and I'm in dire need of more friends to grab cupcakes & wine with at a moment's notice.

And because I'm a visual learner, here are some shots from last summer (when I had an internship and thus only fully enjoyed summer on the weekends, like most folks). Here's hoping we see the temperature continue to rise and the sun set later. It's almost summer!

...And might I recommend a trip to Milwaukee to enjoy it? (The tourism board isn't. even. paying. me. I know...such a travesty!).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Featured on HuffPost Style

I'm excited to be in the company of such chic and super cool ladies in Wendy Brandes' fun and informational post for the Huffington Post style section about the maxi trend.  Check it out!

Caffeine Coquette Post and Guest Bloggers to Come

I'm going high class in this week's Caffeine Coquette post and talking about Mademoiselle Chanel and her contributions to the menswear "trend."

Also, stay tuned this weekend for some great guest posts from a few of my favorite Wisconsinite bloggers while I am on vacation in Florida. All three of these girls seem really sweet, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet them all someday!

By the way, I am TERRIFIED of flying, so if you could send prayers/happy thoughts my way, I would appreciate it. See you all next week for tons of pictures from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Warm! Oh Wait, Not Anymore

The weather was pretty much perfect yesterday. Sunny and 75. A tad windy, but what can you do? I didn't intend to take outfit pics yesterday, but when I got out of work and was hit by the sun, I couldn't resist taking advantage of it.

Kinda funny story. I set up the camera on the back of my car, and before long a gust of wind came as I was waiting for the timer to go off and blew my camera to the ground. Whoops. Luckily, although the battery and memory card popped out, it still worked fine upon reassembly. When it almost happened a second time (instead resulting in a shot of my hand as I caught it), I resorted to holding the camera in place with my knit coffee cozy.

Dress: Target; Shoes and Sunglasses: Payless; Belt: from  Kohl's shirt; Cami: Kohls?
I decided to practice my runway walk since I volunteered to be a model in a local fashion show in a couple weeks.  Don't worry, more details to come, and I will be bugging all the locals to come watch.  Hehe.

This dress was only $10!  It was another Target sale rack find.  That's kind of what I do now--find things I like at Target and wait for them to hit the sale racks.  The only problem with that strategy is that more times than not, I can't find the item in my size then.  This pink dress was an impulse buy, but I'm totally stalking a couple yellow Merona dresses for when they drop in price.

I also got the watch at Target the same day, and that was not an impulse buy.  I've been looking for a big, casual watch to wear when I don't want to put on my nicer Fossil one.  Unfortunately, you can't really try watches on before you buy them (at least not cheapo ones), so I bought a white Xhilaration watch from Target not too long ago that was a little too tight for my fatty wrist.  This time, my eyes wandered to the men's watches section, and I saw this off white one.  Perfect!

By the way, you may or may not have noticed the yellow in the bottom right hand corner of the two pictures above.  That would be my coffee cozy.  I could've edited it out, but I was kind of amused by it.  See?  Here's my setup:

I guess if I were smart, I'd just throw my tripod on my car.  That may be more subtle than a camera perched on my trunk.  Ish.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Favorite Sketches from the SNL Season Finale

I don't usually watch Saturday Night Live unless someone I like is hosting or performing.  Even then, I usually forget to watch it.  I think the last time I tuned in for a full episode was when Taylor Lautner was the host.  And the last time I was a regular SNL viewer was probably the late 90s.

Justin Timberlake is hilarious, though, and I am a fan of his, and Lady Gaga always puts on a good show, so I DVRed Saturday's episode.  Although I didn't get most (or any) of the political humor, I was cracking up during these three sketches.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

DIY Le Sac Maxi Dress

After seeing this tutorial on Everybody, Everywear and getting back into sewing, I headed to Walmart to try to find some stretchy fabric to make my own maxi dress. I walked around the fabric department for probably 10 minutes and almost gave up until I found the one stretchy fabric they had in the clearance bin. Even though it was pretty ugly, I hoped it would end up being cute in dress form.

I really like how it turned out!  I took three slight deviations from the tutorial.
  1. I bought 2.5 yards of fabric instead of 2 since I figured I'm wider than Tiffany, the tutorial maker.  
  2. I didn't make a seam on the sleeves...because I forgot.  I could go back and do it but probably won't.
  3. Although you don't need to, I made a seam on the folded side of the dress because I was worried about the sleeve ripping.

The tutorial is based on the knee-length American Apparel Le Sac dress, just longer. I tried tying mine a few different ways, but since it's so long (which is what I wanted), the style shown is the only way that really worked unless I were to wear heels.  I didn't notice it was that long in the back, so maybe I'll have to wear heels regardless.  Or hem the thing.

But yeah, it was super easy!  I'm excited to wear it in Florida next weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Finale Recap

It may not be the exciting blowout I originally hyped up, but there are definitely some funny moments as we recap the finale episode.  And we give lots of love to contestant Hannah and past winner, Whitney.

It can also be turned into a fun drinking game--every time I take a sip (gulp) of my wine, take a shot! Haha. I think we did edit out a few sips, but it still seemed a tad excessive. Mmm...wine...anyway, onto the recap!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adventures at the Anthropologie Tag Sale

I always think fitting room reviews are a lot of fun when I see them on other blogs, so here's the adventure of a cheapskate giant braving the Anthro sales racks. Before I get to the pictures, I must say I think I got a little caught up in the sights and smells (love the smell of that store) because once I found reasonably priced items that fit, I suddenly found myself in dangerous impulse buy territory. I've never bought an item of clothing there before--just sunglasses, tights, and some Christmas presents from the home section--so that made me even more excited about it all.

Anyway, onto the fun stuff.

First, here are the sale items I tried on.

Flounced & Draped Blouse - I loved it right away, and I knew it'd be coming home with me. Plus, it was $19.95. You can't argue with that.

Turn The Kaleidoscope Tank - It looked fine, but I wasn't excited about it at all.

I can't find this one on the website. I was intrigued and perplexed by this top. It's longer in the back, so I'm hoping it'll look cute with leggings. Who knows, maybe even bermuda shorts (as I will not be wearing regular shorts this summer). I liked it, though; I just wasn't convinced it liked me. This ended up being one of my impulse buys at $29.95.

I can't find this one on the website either. This looked cute on, and I think it'd be better with leggings obviously or some sort of tighter pant. The only hesitation I had is I didn't know how much use I'd get out of it. But after wandering around the store with it, it became my second impulse buy at $39.95.

Now onto a couple regularly priced items.

Loosened Shelby Blouse - Loved!! (Pardon my cami all bunched up underneath.) I will plan on buying it someday if it goes on sale, most likely in yellow instead of green.

Shape Suggestion Skirt - I tried this on in a large, but I see that they have XL online. The elastic waistband is super stretchy, though, so I could probably go either way. I thought this was a cute, casual skirt, and I would purchase it for the right price. And I'd go with green instead of blue probably.

I also tried on the Chartreuse Shoots Dress and a sale dress, but those were definitely too small, so no pictures were taken.

I'm still having buyer's remorse about my two impulse buys, and I forgot to ask if these are final sales. Thoughts? Should I try returning one or both? Or should I keep them and just make sure to wear them a lot? I could maybe bring both on my Florida vacation in a couple weeks...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Eating and Drinking My Way through the Weekend

This was one of those weekends where I could've used another weekend after my weekend.  I spent time with lots of friends and family and ate WAY TOO MUCH.  I drank just the right amount, though.  And unfortunately, I didn't take nearly enough pictures.

Let's rewind back to Thursday.  After a meeting at church, hubs and I treated Bridget's soon-to-be godparents to a wine tasting at Grapes and Tastes in Cedarburg.  We had only been there once before and were on the fence whether we liked it or not.  We tasted three whites from California and Oregon and three reds from France, Spain, and...somewhere in South America.  I meant to save my sheet, but I clearly was not thinking "blog post" at the time.

Both couples bought a bottle of the pinot gris from Willamette Valley, Oregon, but that was really the only one we were a little excited about.  Plus, after hubs broke a glass, I felt like we needed to buy something.  The other three, who are far more knowledgeable about wine than I, concurred that they probably wouldn't return for another wine tasting, but there are some fun events that the store does that could be worth checking out.

Friday was the birthday dinner of a good friend of hubs', and that was held at Sabor in Milwaukee.  Sabor is a Brazilian steakhouse type thing where you pay a set price and servers come around with twelve different skewers of meat.  You have a token on the table and have to flip it over to green when you want some meat and red when you're taking a break.  I had been there once before, and I was more excited for the salad bar and sides, which are included with the meal.  They're amazing.  Seriously.  Especially the fried bananas with cinnamon and the little cheesy rolls.  As for the meat, my favorites were definitely the garlic steak and the bacon wrapped chicken.  Delish.


Eight of the nine of us there were winos (really 7.5 of the 9 of us--I should probably only count as a half), so we also had three different reds.  One of the guys has excellent taste in red wine, especially Shiraz, from doing many winery tours on his honeymoon in Australia.  Normally, I prefer whites, but two of these reds were delicious and not too dry.  The first was a Shiraz that hubs and I actually found and purchased later at Costco for a fraction of the price.  Score!  The second was a Grenache from Spain, which ended up being most of our favorites.


The delicious dining did not end there.  Saturday, my grandparents, mom, aunt, and uncle came over and joined the in-laws and us for a meal at The Pasta Shoppe in Port Washington.


The Pasta Shoppe's menu mostly consists of very accessible Italian dishes like spaghetti, ravioli, and pizza.  My favorite regular menu item of there's is the linguini primavera with alfredo sauce topped with crab stuffed shrimp.  Soooo goood.  But one of the more expensive dishes.  I usually go for one of the specials to mix it up a bit.  The meal I had on Saturday was by far the best one I've ever had there.  It was angelhair pasta (my favorite) with vodka sauce topped with a pine nut crusted chicken breast.

Not really any good wine to speak of there, but what they lack in wine selection, they make up for in fun martini options.  If you ever go, have the Angel Food martini.  It'll change your life.

On Sunday, we hosted a party after Bridget's Baptism and grilled out.  We attempted making this sangria recipe using Cedarburg Spice wine, and that ended up being pretty good.  Different, but pretty good, depending on who you asked.  The dessert selections were fresh strawberry bars, brownies, and baklava.   All of which we continued eating after the guests were gone.  Yum.



I have a couple of menswear-type looks for you today. The first one is for Inspiration Monday, and I wore it running errands on Saturday and then out to a casual dinner with the extended fam. The shirt is my husband's, which is why I'm qualifying it as menswear.

Here's the inspiration photo:

And my interpretation:

Striped Tank & Shoes: Kohls; White Tank & Jeans: Target; Shirt: Husband's;  Necklace: Old Navy; Hat: TJ Maxx
I did cuff the sleeve once, but I should've rolled them up more to make the shirt more feminine.  I thought I'd feel like a dude in this shirt, but it was actually really comfortable.  And I did try to girl it up with a necklace.  I may have to steal it from the other side of the closet again because I know hubs never wears it.

So from happily grinning on Saturday to sleepily squinting on Monday.

Entire Outfit: New York & Company; Boots: Target

I'm doing double duty on this post, like I did last Monday, which actually ended up being triple duty.  Anyway, the theme for this week's Bloggers Do It Better is Prep School.  While all these items came from the women's section, the argyle sweater vest is definitely preppy and kind of menswear inspired.  Had I worn this with, like, bermuda shorts, I'd be ready for the golf course.  The hands in the pockets pose was supposed to be menswear inspired as well.

Alright, time to start my day.  Weekend recap of food and drinks to come later.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Outside Influences

At What Not to Wear host Clinton Kelly's book signing - October 2008 
  1. What magazines do you subscribe to? I used to subscribe to Glamour, Instyle, and Marie Claire, but I think the only one I get now is Marie Claire.  I hardly ever read them, though.  Mostly, I just read Tim Gunn's section and the interview with the cover model if she's an interesting person.
  2. Do you watch any fashion TV shows? Yesss!  That's how I became interested in fashion in the first place.  When I got my own apartment in college, I didn't have cable, so I had less than 20 channels, but the Style Network was one of them.

    What Not to Wear is probably my favorite, unless you count America's Next Top Model, which would definitely be my favorite.  I like Project Runway a lot, too, but I came into that one four seasons late.
  3. Beyond blogs, what websites do you frequent for fashion inspiration? I'm on Instyle.com every so often.  I don't think there are any that I "frequent."
  4. Advertisements play a huge role in forming public opinion about a product or brand...what ads do you like and why? Can I tell you what ads I don't like?  Old Navy ones, ugh.  I still give them a lot of my money, but not because of their cheesy ads.
  5. Do you own any fashion books? I do.  I have ones by Clinton Kelly (signed!!), Christian Siriano, Nina Garcia, and I think that's it.
Fashion Beauty Friend Friday

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Can I Stop with the Awkward Today and Start the Awesome Already?

I haven't done Awkward and Awesome Thursday in awhile, but this day merits it.

Brittany from Cycle 4, one of the members of the ANTM Cycle 17 All Star Cast (Source)


  • Checking my blind spot while driving and pulling something in my neck. Now, whenever I turn my neck to the left at all, it hurts.
  • Accidentally dragging the toe of my shoe, thus walking like a doofus as I walked by someone at work.
  • Family dynamics and the mixing of two families. Awkward AND stressful. Bridget's Baptism is coming up Sunday, so planning for it is starting to stress me out.
  • My work email not sending or receiving anything yesterday. That issue resulted in me giving people blank stares as they talked to me about emails they had sent.


  • The ANTM All Star Cycle! I would've liked to blog about the cast, but you can just read about it and see pics at A Blog About Things and compare it to my predictions. A couple girls that I really liked that were in my original 20 before I pared it down made the cut (Brittany and Laura, yay!). Then, there are a few that I think were just thrown in for the drama aspect. I am shocked that Heather from Cycle 9 isn't on the list.
  • Wine tasting tonight! I will hopefully blog about that this weekend at some point...
  • Birthday dinner tomorrow for one of Nate's friends. That I'll hopefully blog about, too, 'cause it's at a very tasty and kind of unique restaurant.
  • Bridget's Baptism! The event is awesome in and of itself, but she'll also be wearing the dress I wore when I was baptized. Doubly awesome.
  • Cookie dough was the flavor of the day yesterday at Kopp's! Pretty sure I had a cone while there and then a scoop later with the fam from the 1/2 gallon I bought. Clearly, the diet is going really well this week...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Paper Doll Once Again

The last Paper Doll Project was so much fun that I had to sign up again. This time, I was paired with the lovely and fabulous fellow mommy, Tyesha from Diary of a Chic Mommy. Looking through Tyesha's outfit posts, I loved her style, and I was excited to work with her.

I chose my newly purchased Rodarte for Target dress because I wasn't sure how to make it work appropriate and not look like I'm going to a wedding or funeral or bedroom or something with the black lace pattern (wide range of possibilities there, eh?).

Here's how she styled me!

Dress: Rodarte for Target; Cardigan: Gap; Belt: from a Kohl's shirt; Necklace: gift; Bracelet and Boots: Target

I really like how the look is basically all black and gold/tan with a pop of color. Tyesha left it up to me whether I wanted to wear heels or boots, so I went with boots since it's always chilly in the office and since the dress is pretty short for work.

She suggested either black or gold accessories, so I chose a gold bracelet and a gold layered locket necklace that was given to me by my in-laws when Bridget was born. Actually worked out perfectly since they're in town visiting right now.  As for the bracelet, I thought this gold one was cool because it kind of looks like zippers.  I thought maybe it would add a little bit of edge to the ensemble.

Be sure to head on over to Diary of a Chic Mommy to see how I styled Tyesha, also in a Target dress, and check out the rest of the Paper Doll Project participants by clicking on the badge.

Paper Doll Project

Monday, May 9, 2011

Flowers and Cookie Dough

Before I get to the weekend recap, here's the inspiration photo for the day:

The bulk of my weekend was spent eating cookie dough and sewing a (floral) dress. I wanted to finish the dress to wear for Mother's Day, but that didn't work out. I figured as long as it was done in time for Inspiration Monday today and Everybody, Everywear Florals tomorrow, that would be good enough.

Dress: I made it!; Ribbon Belt: from another skirt; Shoes: Target; Jacket: Kohl's

Cardigan: Rodarte for Target

The dress came out pretty well! The bodice isn't a perfect fit, but whatevs. The only trouble I really ran into was the straps were askew at first, but that was pretty easily remedied. Attaching the front to the back bodice had me completely stumped, so I had to ask for some help and sleep on it before I actually could figure it out.

I thought the fabric was pretty fun--plus it was on clearance. It looks like all flowers from far away, but there are birds, birdhouses, butterflies, turkeys, upside down cats, and pink bunnies? hidden in it.

As for the cookie dough, the daughter of one of my coworkers was selling cookie dough back in March. I bought two tubs, and kinda sorta ate spoonfuls of it whenever I walked by the refrigerator. I did actually bake a good portion of it, too, though, so that's something. Needless to say, I did not do well on the ole WW Points this weekend.

When I wasn't stuffing my face or sewing, I was spending time with friends and family. Friday, I went to a girls' night at my friend's house since her husband and another girl's boyfriend were turkey hunting. The four of us girls ate pizza and some of my baked cookie dough (also known as cookies) and played Marry, Date, or Dump. I couldn't stay for very long since I had the baby with me, but it was fun.

Saturday night, I had another friend's birthday party. We ate quite a bit of yummy food while talking and giggling together and then played a fun game of Family Feud. Unfortunately, I also had to leave early from that party since hubs had to go into work at 11 PM. Booo.

Then, Sunday was Mother's Day! My parents came over, and we grilled out and watched Tangled. Very cute movie!

How awesome is it that we're starting to get spring weather now? Yay!


Florals | Everybody, Everywear