Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week Twenty-Two Weigh-in

Current Weight: 192 (down 2.4 lb this week, 13 lb overall)

I wasn't going to do a post this week if it was bad news; but since it's good news, I will. I was way too defeated last week for it to be bad news again. In addition to the weekly weight loss/gain number, I added my overall weight loss since I started these posts because I figured it'd be a good reminder to myself that portion control and exercise do actually work.

As far as the running goes, I only ran twice last week. My weekend was busy, and I developed a cold, so I didn't bother yesterday morning or today. Hopefully I'll find the motivation to get out at least once this week.

I read something yesterday that said green tea helps with weight loss, so I gave it a shot today by substituting my morning coffee with green tea. Not that coffee's bad for you, but I need all the help I can get. Unfortunately, the tea wasn't strong enough to prevent me from getting a caffeine headache. I may have to rethink my strategy.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweet Tart

Shirt: J.Crew Factory; Skirt: NY&Co; Shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors; Necklace: ?; Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs

In these pictures, I'm wearing my third Revlon Lip Butter shade, Sweet Tart, which I bought yesterday. My excuse was that I didn't have a pink one yet, so hopefully I can be done now... This particular shade is a little more 80s Barbie pink than I anticipated, but I still like it for something different. It doesn't look nearly as scary in these pictures either. My face looks weird to me here, though, because I should've been wearing sunglasses, and I normally don't smile sans teeth. Also, pardon my halfway dried, somewhat messy hair.

Several bloggers have done outfits very similar to this, so I have to give credit in general where credit is due. I wouldn't have thought of pairing a gingham shirt (or even buying one) with a pencil skirt (again, or even buying one) myself.

I used to scoff at those that said pencil skirts are a classic must-have for every woman; and until this year, I didn't own any. Well, color me converted. Nerdy fun fact: for a time at my old job, a few friends and I would have an "idiom of the day" that we would look up the meaning for and try to use in regular conversation. "Color me" + adjective never came up, but that would've been a good one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

98 Degrees

Dress: Target; Scarf: H&M; Shoes: Kohl's; Sunglasses: Express; Watch: NY&Co; Bag; MICHAEL Michael Kors via T.J.Maxx

Not only was 98 degrees the temperature today, it's also the boyband who announced that they're reuniting for a "Today Show" appearance and working on a new album!


I actually met 98 Degrees back in '98 when I was 15 after winning a meet & greet from a radio station. It was quick and slightly awkward, and I was extremely awkward looking, but it was still pretty awesome. I found my experience from that night saved in my email, and it's worth a read (at least I was amused). But it's long, so here an excerpt from the actual meet & greet part:
First in line was Jeff. The first thing I noticed about Jeff was that he had a very smooth shoulder. Don’t ask. That’s just what I noticed. The girl in front of me was getting a page in her notebook signed. When she gave it to Jeff, he looked at it funny before he signed it. After her, I handed Jeff my CD cover. He asked me my name, and I said "Rebekah." ... Jeff was like "I knew a girl named Rebecca." He continued to mumble about this girl for a second. The only part I heard was "...sweet little Rebecca." I giggled quietly. He began singing then as he passed the CD cover to Drew. He did that a lot. Just start singing spontaneously. I waited a moment, knowing that he was shaking the people’s hands, too. And that he did! Wow. I’m just glad my hand wasn’t sweaty. He kept eye contact with me the whole time as he shook my hand and asked me my name and everything. I vaguely thought that he was shorter than I.
Next came Drew. He signed his name, passing it to Justin. I gazed into Drew’s eyes staring back at me, this time noting that he was definitely shorter than I. He still wore his backwards black baseball cap.
And then Justin. I was the most nervous with Justin although he was so nice. A girl in front of me gave a stuffed animal to Justin. He thanked her. That was when I noticed the envelope in my hand. I handed it to him, saying "Here. There’s some stuff in there for you and my friend’s CD and resume." He took the envelope, placing it behind him and said, "Cool, thanks." I shook his hand and moved right on to Nick.
I don’t know why, but I totally spaced out when I got to Nick. I don’t remember what either of us said or did. I probably was still thinking about that envelope. But I know he signed the CD cover, and we shook hands. I took the cover from him, getting the wet permanent ink on my thumb in the process. I didn’t notice that until I got home, though.
Everything and everyone in the room just disappeared from my mind and eyes during that short time with 98°. And I wasn’t even close to hyperventilating. I was calm and shy, but I’m always shy, so that’s no big deal. It was easy to forget that they were famous because when you’re in the moment, that’s not what you’re thinking about.

That's me allllll the way on the end on the right.

Matchy Matchy Biz Cas

Top and Skirt: NY&Co; Sandals and Sunglasses: Target; Necklace and Bracelet: Kohl's

All black and red, nothing too interesting to see here, except that:
  • I like my new safari shirt from NY&Co. Dangit, I avoided that store for months, but it drew me back in. I can't resist affordable business casual attire apparently.
  • My friend who I had lunch with Monday complimented my skirt.
  • I ran into a lady in the bathroom who was wearing basically the exact same outfit - black top, red and black skirt, red necklace - except she had on red shoes. We were washing our hands at the same time, and the mirror images were amusing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Should Be Doing Laundry

Inspiration Monday photo:

As I've said before, these are my purple pants that never photograph purple.

Top: H&M; Pants and Watch: NY&Co; Sandals: Target

I'm supposed to be folding clothes right now...so I'm going to get back to that. Whilst watching Miss Advised, Glee Project, and maybe What Not to Wear if I get to it tonight.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Week Twenty-One Weigh-in

Current Weight: 194.4 (up 1.4 lb)

So...I skipped a few weeks there...or six. My last weigh-in post was Week 20, so I'm calling this Week 21 and ignoring all the junk I ate in the last month and a half. If only I could ignore the pounds I gained, too. To recap, last time I tracked my weight on WW, I was 191, which means I've actually gain 3.4 pounds instead of just the 1.4. I suck at this.

I've taking up running, though. I think I can officially say that now since I got up this morning at 5 AM and went for a run before work, which makes that my third attempt at running. It's going better every time. The dog was still annoying, but she needed the run, too. I jogged for longer spurts, and my hips don't hurt as much today. If I consciously put more weight on my left leg, it seems to help.

I also had a chat with my sis-in-law (an avid marathoner) this weekend, and she encouraged me to get running shoes, too. She told me about a running store that should be walking distance from work, and my friend Pete also commented in the last post about a store on my way home from work. So I'm set there. I just have to go.

So after all my hard work, I undid all of it by going to Dunkin Donuts this morning and buying a couple doughnuts. What? I needed more K-Cups! I really, really suck at this.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Running Attempt #2

First of all, thank you for all your comments on my last running post! I really appreciated the advice and words of encouragement!

Before. OK I'm really going to clean that mirror today...

Things went slightly better this time. Hubs insisted I take the dog again, but at least I had music. I downloaded Fun's CD onto my phone, which worked out pretty well. Some of the songs were great, like "Some Nights" for walking and "It Gets Better" for running, but the end of the CD was kind of slow. I'll have to switch it up next time.

As recommended, I used a retractable leash this time, and that helped. Plus, there were fewer bunnies this time, thankfully. I think I only saw one. The spandex shirt was a great idea - no jiggling or itching to speak of. I "ran" 50 minutes this time - 10 minutes longer than last time.

Now for the negatives. I definitely did not run anymore than last time. There was a lot of walking going on. Although the tighter shirt improved things, it also rode up as I ran. I ended up having to tuck it into my pants. I don't know, maybe I should go up another size, but I already bought one size larger than what I usually wear at Old Navy. Even though it looked kind of dorky, tucking the shirt in worked fine. I somehow lost my headband at some point, too. That was annoying. The only other problem I had with what I was wearing was with the headphones. I have the kind that clip to your ears, and they kept bouncing around and almost coming off. I'll have to buy a different kind.

I didn't have any knee pain this time, but I did get the achy hip halfway through again, and I'm sure it'll stick with me for a few days like last time. I'm starting to think one of my legs is longer than the other or something.

About halfway through, I turned from the bike trail onto the city streets. I stopped short when I saw tons of people running by. Oh jeez, there was some sort of run going on. And none of them were wearing spandex. For a second, I considered joining them, but that wasn't feasible with the dog. I retraced my steps on the bike trail and took back roads back home. When the sidewalk ended, I tried to get Dela to walk on my left side so that she wouldn't get hit by a car, but that dumb dog kept crossing over to the right side, which is the side that's she's used to. Uggghhh, I so don't want to take the dog next time.

When I was about to turn into the subdivision, I saw another race go by, but this was a bunch of bikers. What the heck? Anyway, I finally made it home and walked in to find Bridget watching The Lion King AGAIN!

So yeah, I still hate running and think it's overrated.

Sorry if this is choppy and disjointed. I kept having to walk away and take care of stuff.

After. This picture does not accurately depict how red my face was and how sweaty I was overall.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What I'm Currently Reading

ModlyChic FBFF

This is embarrassing.

Right now, I'm trying to get through Modelland by Tyra Banks. I put a good dent in it on vacation, enough so that I want to know what happens even though it's not great so far. Maybe it'll turn around?

Appropriately enough for this linkup, I also bought Katy's new book, The Emerald Isle, so that's on my reading list after I finish freakin' Modelland.

After that, I definitely want to read The Rock Star in Seat 3A. It totally seems like fan fiction from the description, but it got good reviews on Amazon.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Just Pics

Super quick post for Inspiration Monday.

Top and Skirt: Jason Wu for Target; Shoes: NY&Co; Bracelet: Kate Spade

Empty Nest Recap

Bridget's back. Woohooo! Although she was noticeably more excited to see hubs than me, she was the most excited to see the dog. Seriously, she was geeking out. It was funny. Bridget and I are buddies again now, though, so all is well.

Anyway, here's the recap of our week sans Bridget, including outfit pictures because I happened to take one either on my phone or camera almost every day:

Sunday - Hanson concert. Loved it, obviously.

Monday - dinner and a movie at Fox Bay Cinema Grill. Saw Brave. So good!

Monday - Dress: Target; Blazer: Gap; Shoes: L.L.Bean; Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tuesday - sailing (my first time). So not good! I got motion sick, so I'll have to take Dramamine next time I guess.

Tuesday - Tank: L.L.Bean; Cardigan: Target; Pants and Shoes: NY&Co; Necklace: DIY; Bracelets: Mexicali Blues and Marc by Marc Jacobs

Wednesday - out with friends at Silver Creek. Super fun and definitely made up for my unfortunately sailing experience the previous night. It was great getting the old gang back together and ordering almost $100 worth of pizza rolls and cheesy breadsticks from the place across the street. Haha.

Wednesday - Top: NY&Co; Skirt: Deb maybe? Who knows, it's really old; Necklace: ?; Sandals: Aldo

Thursday - Helped hubs pick out a new pair of glasses since his are somewhere at the bottom of the lake in Maine. Then had dinner at The Pasta Shoppe and called it an early night.


Friday - checked out Chiselled Grape Winery in Grafton then grabbed dinner at Anvil Pub & Grille in Cedarburg.

Friday - Top and Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Aldo; Bracelets: Charming Charlie, Mexicali Blues, booth at Bastille Days; Bag: MICHAEL Michael Kors

Saturday - RAN. Then hung out with the girls to plan our Disney trip and watch them scrapbook since I wasn't feeling creative that day. After that, I met hubs and later Bridget and hubs' parents at our other friends' house for LOTS OF MEAT. I already posted that outfit yesterday.

All that plus grilling out and drinking a hard cider yesterday equaled eight days of drinking in a row. Yikes. Not typical for me, I assure you. I usually average one or two times a week. However, the majority of those nights I only drank one beverage, so it's not quite as bad as it sounds. But um...(BUT UM!) if I drink tonight, that'll make it 10 days in a row because we're going back to The Pasta Shoppe with the in-laws tomorrow for their martini deal night. They're not big drinkers, but I got my dad-in-law hooked on The Pasta Shoppe's angel food martini. It's delish.

Although I enjoyed my temporary break from parenthood, I kept thinking I was missing something whenever I would go anywhere. Then by the end of the week, I was more ready than ever for Kid #2. We've always tried to do everything we crammed into empty nest week occasionally, but usually it's a lot more spread out. I'm OK with that. I know with two kids it'll be harder, but I'm OK with that, too.

After my many days of indulging and socializing, I'm completely ready for things to slow down for awhile again. I just want to sit by myself and maybe Bridget and either watch TV or read. I just need a little break to recharge my introverted self before the fun stuff starts up again.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Still Have Hanson on the Brain

This is another one of those outfits that I thought a little too much about. When I first saw the artwork for this week's Style Imitating Art, the first thing I thought of was camping out in Minneapolis for front row spots at the Hanson concert last fall. Not that the picture looks like Minneapolis, but I guess that's what I associate with seeing sunrises on city streets. But on the few occasions I've camped out, I've been in sweatpants and a hoodie, so I didn't want to go that route. Instead, I focused on the colors and came up with an outfit that's a little reminiscent upon fishing, another early morning activity, which I thought was fitting. Anyway, in the end, I'm wearing red and green.

Sequin Tank: J.Crew Factory; Vest: Old Navy; Jeans: Nine West; Shoes: TOMS; Necklace: bridesmaids gift

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Attempted Running Today

And it was miserable.

Before (there is no after picture)

I ventured out in my Saucony cross trainers (because I have no running shoes) and leggings to prevent jiggling and chafing (good decision. I think I would've been even more miserable without); and against my better judgment, I brought the dog. She had been exercise-less since we got back from Maine, so I felt sorry for her. Hubs stole the headphones, so I was also without music. These two factors probably didn't help matters.

From my running research last night, I learned that I should do a 5-minute warm-up, which I equated to a brisk walk. Once out of my subdivision, I took a deep, dramatic breath, probably said "here we go" to myself, and start a-running.

Let's just say, it quickly turned into an interval workout instead of just running. I ran for maybe 3-4 minutes, then got tired, noticed my left knee was hurting, and began to walk. After 5 minutes of walking, I decided I better run again. That time I only made it maaaaaybe a minute before my knee hurt again, and my fat started itching. Does this happen to anyone else? Probably not, but it happens to me all the time whenever I attempt to run. My fat jiggles and itches like crazy. Mostly my love handles. TMI? Maybe I should just wear shapewear whenever I run, but that doesn't sound comfortable in the least.

On top of that, apparently all the rabbits in the neighborhood are out at 7 in the morning, and Dela wanted to chase them all. Dumb dog. She kept pulling and getting in my way, and I just wanted to kick her in the butt and set her free. But I resisted and grumbled and swore at her instead.

Anyway, I continued these unbalanced intervals of more walking and way less running, and I noticed that the itching and knee hurting stopped, but then my hips started to hurt, which continued the rest of the way whether walking or running.

I only made it 40 minutes including stretching at the end, but it's a start, right? Too bad I never want to do it again. The good news is, I'm starting to feel OK already. My right hip is still a little sore, but otherwise OK.

So now I have questions for the many runners out there:

  • Where is the best place to buy running shoes, and how much can I expect to spend? Keep in mind, I'm a beginner who doesn't stick to anything.
  • What do you recommend for running attire? This is the fun part - clothes shopping.
  • Have you ever run with a dog, and do you have any tips?
  • Do you have any knowledge as to why my hips were hurting? If it's just my being out of shape, that's fine, but I'm wondering if it's my form.
  • Do you run with a water bottle? I didn't this time.
  • Favorite song to run to? I gotta make a mix.

Who am I kidding? I probably will never do this again... But here's hoping I do!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Ten Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves

Fashion Must-Haves

1. A watch. I've loved watches forever, and I even have video evidence of my 16-year-old self professing my love for watches...and yo-yos. Fun fact (or not). I have to restrain myself from buying more of them. I have four at the moment, but I think I need a new casual one for my Disney trip next month. The cheapo Target one I wore to Orlando last year broke.

2. Giant handbag. I don't know how people can function with small purses. I can do a smaller bag for shopping, or a smaller bag inside a tote or a diaper bag; but for everyday, it's gotta be huge.

3. Ballet flats. There was a time not so long ago when cute low-heeled shoes could not be found. Since they've become popular, ballet flats are another thing I have to resist buying in every color and style whenever I see them.

4. Cardigans. This was starting to look like a big Michael Kors advertisement, so let's move onto something else. Cardigans. Are they the most fashionable thing? Maybe not, but they're definitely a must-have for my business casual attire. Since I wear cardigans so frequently, I don't feel bad about having one in every color. Two of every neutral color even. Come to think of it, the only color I don't have is orange. I may have to remedy that.

5. Anything Yellow. It's my favorite color, and frankly, I think I could use more of it. I tend to hold back because I don't want to look like a crazy lady who only wears yellow. Although I have considered it because that would make an excellent topic for a new blog.

Scarves and blazers narrowly missed the cut.

Beauty Must-Haves


1. EOS lip balm. I used to be a loyal Carmex user, but I've recently moved onto EOS. It's fun to use, and the spherical shape sometimes acts as a conversation starter when I pull it out.


2. Clean & Clear Instant Oil-Absorbing Sheets. I think I've been using these off an on for at least 5 years, but I wish I knew about them in high school. They are the most essential thing ever for people who get  shiny throughout the day.


3. Mask. An anecdote for you. Last summer, I volunteered to participate in a little runway show for a sustainability fair type thing. The Mary Kay lady who was doing our makeup kind of crinkled her nose and was like, “Do you use a mask? You should.” Yikes. Right after that, I bought an exfoliating scrub, but I didn't get around to buying a mask until I had a facial a few months ago. Now I use the blackhead eliminating cleanser mask as a mask once a week. It's a step in the right direction at least. Next, I need to be more diligent about removing my makeup at night.


4. Dry shampoo. For awhile, I didn't get the concept of not washing my hair every day. I'd be a greaseball if I skipped a day. That was until I finally gave in and tried dry shampoo. I don't have a favorite brand yet, but so far, I've tried Batiste, Suave, and TRESemmé with similar results.


5. Revlon Lip Butter. These are my new favorite lip colors because they're not sticky like a gloss, and they don't dry out my lips like lip stains and most lipsticks. The colors I have are Tutti Frutti (coral) and Cherry Tart (red). I just turned my friend onto these last week, and I think the one she bought was Brown Sugar, which is a really great sheer, shimmery shade. From the reviews I've read, these do not give you long-lasting color, but for me, the positives outweigh the negative.

ModlyChic FBFF

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nineteen Month Stats

Credit: Scott (Bridget's godfather)

Hubs and I have been temporary empty nesters for almost a week now, and I’m doing OK so far. I’m pretty sure Bridget is not missing me too much yet, and I’ve been keeping busy and intend to continue to keep busy until her return on Sunday.

Bridget and I had a less than ideal goodbye in Maine, so I’m still a little hurt about that, although I shouldn’t be. She gave hubs a hug and kiss and let him hold her; but when I took her to say goodbye, she just squirmed and reached for hubs’ mom. I’m cool with her being a daddy’s girl, but still. I’d like her to like me a little. When we drove away and were out of eyesight of everyone, I broke down crying, not only because of that moment, but also because it’s not going to get any easier when she gets older. But yeah, I just need to stop thinking about it. Bridge and I will be buddies again when she’s not surrounded by her two sets of adoring grandparents, and when we get back into our routine. Hopefully. Although I would be really happy and excited for Bridget to have a sister, I can’t help but hope for a momma’s boy next. Whenever that happens. I’m overreacting. I know.

Also, we saw Brave Monday, and I was bawling by the end of it. Without giving anything away, the movie is basically  all about the relationship between Merida and her mother, which I didn't realize from just seeing the previews. It was really good. You should all see it.

Anyway, to the stats.

Height: 34 in. (95th percentile)

Weight: 26 lb 3 oz (75th percentile)

Clothing Size: Although she fits into some 18-24 month stuff still, anything new I get in 2T. Depending on the brand, 2Ts can range from just a little roomy to huge on her.

Shoe Size: 5, though she does have wide feet (she gets that from me, sorry Bridge), so I have to be aware of that when buying shoes.

Diaper Size: 5

Teeth: I don't even know. A bunch!

Food: Everything almost. Her favorite foods change daily, and often, she doesn’t eat much at dinner time. Her favorites right now are probably melon, corn, any kind of chip or cracker, and chicken right off the bone (like from KFC or wherever). Obviously, we rip off little pieces of chicken and do not give her a whole chicken breast with bone.

Drink: Mostly milk, some water, and occasional juice. We actually tried to give her a taste of root beer the other day, but she was having none of it.

Words: Moh (monkey, milk, or more), bah (ball), Mama, Dada, ca (cat), daw (dog), buh-buh (bubbles), uh-oh, weeee (when she’s swinging or pushing someone on a swing), rar (when you ask her what a lion says), she can do the SH sound for shoe and shirt. I think I’m missing a couple...

Sign Language: More, please, thank you. I didn’t even know she knew sign language until she did “more” one time when I picked her up from daycare. Then in Maine, her godmother taught her “please” and “thank you.”

Other Accomplishments:
  • Uses forks and spoons
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Points to body parts such as elbow, toes, ears, eyes, cheeks, hair, etc.
  • Makes a muscle (cutest ever)
  • Swims in the lake with help

Mmmm fruit

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hanson at Summerfest

Here's what I wore, and yes, our grass is very brown. We have not had rain in long time.

Dress and Sandals: Target; Top: American Eagle; Bracelets: Mexicali Blues and Pandora; Sunglasses: Express

Sunday night exceeded my expectations. Usually, because I’m a pretty optimistic person, and I’m spoiled when it comes to Hanson, I tend to build up unrealistic expectations. But this time, I thought realistically and was pleasantly surprised around every turn.
  1. I assumed we’d be at least five rows back since I knew some fans were going to be arriving at 9 AM. We actually ended up in the third row of bleachers and had a pretty great view.
  2. I assumed they would play all their singles and popular songs that most people would know and like. However, I didn’t expect some surprises like “And I Waited” and “Oh Darlin’” (turns out I’m a Zac fan now...).
  3. I assumed the crowd would be drunk, pushy, and annoying. Actually, the exact opposite happened, which shocked me most of all. I only saw one drunk annoying girl who was yelling at people for not standing up during the band who played before Hanson. Otherwise, everyone was pretty courteous. I guess we Hanson fans and Summerfest goers have matured!
Oh and we saw a celebrity (from afar)! Frankie Muniz is friends with Hanson, and he was at the show, hanging out at the side of the stage. It was kind of trippy to see him and his buddies jamming out to “MMMBop.” You can see his back in this picture I took of the backstage area. Frankie's the guy in the gray T-shirt. (Taylor's in the white T-shirt, and Zac is in the yellowish button-up shirt talking to Frankie.)

Besides the HOURS AND HOURS of waiting (I got there at 1ish, and the show wasn’t until 9:30), and even though we didn’t get pictures with the guys, I was pretty satisfied with the night. Since we wanted to save our spots, we didn’t do a whole lot of wandering around, but I did get out a couple times to grab food and scope out the backstage situation. The guys poked their heads out a couple times, but that was about it.

Partway through our long day of waiting

To kill the time, we also made lists of our favorite bands, and I finally made a list of all the Hanson concerts I’ve been to. We were all varying degrees of shocked and appalled by each other’s lists for Top 5 bands, but it was a hard list to make I thought. I’m not as crazy about anyone as I am for Hanson. Speaking of, this show was my 45th Hanson show.

I love this review of the show from jsonline:

Someone at Summerfest seriously underestimated the size of the Hanson fan base. The brotherly band largely, and incorrectly, classified as the one-hit wonder behind 1997 earworm "MMMBop," was designated to one of the Big Gig's smaller stages, the Potawatomi Bingo Casino Stage & Pavilion, for its Sunday headlining set.
Even with people standing on top of each other on benches and picnic tables, fans still spilled out into the main drag.

Yeah, we fans could've told you that they needed to be on a bigger stage. But I was just thankful that we were under a cover instead of being out in the sun all day. It's always nice when people realize that Hanson are so much more than just "MMMBop."

Here are some of my pictures from the show. You can check out the rest in my Facebook album.

My view

Acoustic set




Final bow