Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Borrowed from Mom

Being without a tripod is quite inconvenient. Try to ignore the kitchen table on the left and the box on the right...

It's pretty nice having a mom with good style who I can share some clothes with. When I saw a picture of her and my grandma on Facebook from their sorority's 100th anniversary party, I commented on how I loved her dress with the leather accents.

And then, next thing I knew, my mom brought it to my house this weekend for me to borrow! I didn't know it when I first saw a picture of the dress, but it has a pepluuuummm. I love a good peplum.

Dress: Calvin Klein (borrowed); Shirt: Phillip Lim for Target; Booties: Steve Madden

Thanks, Mom!

I'm linking up with the Fashionista Style Hop.


  1. Looks good, Bek! It is fun sharing clothes.

  2. Wow, what a great dress! Your mom has great style =)

  3. So neat that you can share clothes. I don't really have that with anybody, not even shoes. I do love buying stuff for my Mom. Anyway, totally in agreement that leather + peplum = amazing.

  4. Love the dress! I love how you wore it since I don't like showing off my arms. There are several leather accent dresses on Target's web-site that I have been trying to decide between.

  5. You have one stylish mom...love the great leather detailing on that dress...such great styling with the patterned top!!