Monday, September 29, 2014

More Elie Tahari for Kohl's Fitting Room Reviews

Since I had to take something back to Kohl's today because the security tag was left on, I decided to try on more of the Elie Tahari collection while I was there. Here is my first set of reviews from Friday. Everything pictured here is an XL.

Open-work chenille sweater on sale for $48
Funny story. I didn't realize I had this sweater on backwards. The split is supposed to be in the back, which I think I would've liked a little better. As is, it highlights my biggest problem area - my mom gut. Check out the product photo to see how it should look.

Ombre convertible cardigan on sale for $66
I tried this cozy, comfy sweater on Friday but forgot to get a picture of it. I still like it - the gray version and the cream version. The scarf is detachable. I didn't purchase it, but I did add it to my Christmas list.

Drape-back mixed-media top on sale for $36

Quite a few of the tops in this collection were wrinkly in the store - this one included. It's fine, but it does nothing for me. You can't really tell in the above picture, but it has some extra draped material in the back.

Mixed-media high-low hem tee on sale for $33

I like this T-shirt and almost bought it. I had it in my cart but later reconsidered. The notch detail in front is cool and different, but where the black part hits me is not the most flattering. It was made from a very comfortable material, too, but I had to pass it up.

Faux-fur sweatshirt on sale for $55.50, Textured midi skirt on sale for $40.50
Another wrinkly top. I actually really like this sweatshirt, in theory, with the faux fur panel in the front. It's just not something I needed. Plus, my daughter watched Tarzan on repeat all weekend, so I couldn't help but think "gorilla" a little bit (GO-RILL-A). But besides the wrinkles, I thought this was a cute, casual sweatshirt.

I ended up buying the sweater skirt! I loved the stretchiness and the length, and I felt bad for taking so much into the fitting room that I had to buy something. With a coupon and a $10 reward, I ended up getting it for $22. It's described as "midi," and I s'pose it would be on shorter ladies. On me, it hit right below my knees.

Chenille sheath dress on sale for $58.50
This sweater dress is something else I tried on Friday but forgot to get a picture of. It could've worked with Spanx, but eh. I would like it on someone else though.

Mixed-media sheath dress on sale for $63
Such a cool dress. The sleeves are made of a stretch fabric, but the dress is not and fit me pretty much how every sheath dress fits me - loose on top and tight on the bottom. The zipper details on the bottom half add some edginess. I much prefer this black patterned version to the solid blue version. If I had anywhere to wear this dress, I might've just bought it and took in the top to fit better. But alas.

Mixed-media sweater on sale for $45
Ew. The notch detail at the hem made my hips look wide, and slouchy doesn't really work on me. This could be cute on someone else, though. On the other hand...

Ribbed funnel neck sweater on sale for $48
I can't see how this would be cute on anyone. I don't even like it on the model.

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