Friday, September 26, 2014

Elie Tahari for Kohl's Fitting Room Reviews

Hi! I'm back for an ad hoc post on the Elie Tahari for DesigNation collection at Kohl's, which is in stores and online now. I'm about 3 weeks postpartum (check out my Instagram for pics of the new baby!), so right now I'm in size 18 pants and probably size 16 dresses for reference. I grabbed everything the store had in an XL, but one thing I did miss out on because they didn't have my size was the skyline fit & flare dress - not that I need another dress in my closet anyway. Also, lately I've only been buying and wearing things that are nursing friendly.

Mixed-media pleat-back sweater on sale for $48, French terry jogger pants on sale for $37.50

The sweater was huge and unflattering on me, but the pants were fun. The pants ran big, so I would size down if you're interested in those. You could probably size down in the sweater, too, if you didn't want it to look quite so huge. I passed on the sweater obviously, but the pants were my one purchase from the collection since all I basically wear on maternity leave is yoga pants. Now I can mix it up a bit.

Graphic mixed-media tee on sale for $36

This t-shirt was fine. Not very flattering on me, but I could see how it would be cute on someone else. The two XLs I picked up were both kind of wrinkly, but laundering it once may remedy that.

Ombre georgette tunic on sale for $48, Mesh ponte leggings on sale for $37.50

For people with a straighter shape, this tunic would be great. On me, it was tight in the stomach and hips area but fit fine in the chest. The sleeve length was perfect. Usually shirt sleeves hit me somewhere around the wrist. I see online that these leggings come in short and long lengths, which is intriguing to me. I did like these, and they would fit even if and when I did lose more weight, but I just didn't feel like I needed them.

Faux-suede motorcycle jacket on sale for $75
I have no complaints about this jacket. It fit well and looked chic, but the length was tricky on me. Plus, it's not something I needed. It also comes in cream.

Chrysler building chiffon top on sale for $40.50, Mixed-media leggings on sale for $40.50

This top didn't interest me at all on the hanger, but I love it on. I have no use for it right now because it's dressy and not nursing friendly, but I'm hoping it'll still be around when I go back to work. The pants - ick. The color showed every lump and bump - I'm not sure if these would work on anyone besides the model. They certainly weren't for me. To be fair, the leggings also come in gray and black.

Mock-layer sweater on sale for $48, Rock & Republic mesh scuba leggings on sale for $36
I liked the idea of this top, but the proportions did not work on me. The Rock & Republic leggings were fine - I just grabbed them to have something to try this top on with. They seemed to fit a little snugger than the Elie Tahari leggings.

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  1. oh rebekah, congratulations on the new baby!! even though this post is not about that, i'm glad you mentioned something so i could check out your instagram and offer my best wishes to you! :)