Thursday, July 25, 2013

Husband Jeans, Literally

The definition of boyfriend jeans has gotten pretty broad lately and basically seems to refer to any form of cuffed, sometimes distressed denim. (For example, no boyfriend I ever had would've worn these jeans, but who am I to judge?) Here, I'm wearing boyfriend jeans in their purest form as these actually do belong to my husband. Not the most flattering things ever, but I guess that's not the point.

Besides the jeans, I'm also wearing my husband's baseball cap, since it's the only adult-sized baseball cap we own, and linking up with Marionberry Style's Trend of the Month: Hats.

If the lighting looks weird to you, it's because I had to photoshop these within an inch of their lives because the entire beach was in a shadow, but the lake was sunny. Barely worth posting, but hey, I can't resist a linkup. At least you get to see my cute kid, who is looking a little perplexed in these pictures. She was talking to my husband and asking if she could take off her sandals, which she did shortly after.

Top: Anthropologie; Jeans and Hat: husbands; Watch and Bracelet: Michael Kors

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  1. Super cute - I love how your husband's jeans look on you! I'm always confused about what constitutes boyfriend jeans too, haha. (<-- my new URL!)