Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dressed by My Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Here's a special Mother's Day edition of Dressed by, featuring a dress my mom picked out for me and a top I picked out for her.

My mom did a little research before our shopping trip and went into it with a couple different ideas. The two trends she was interested in were peplum or colorblocking. Both were pretty abundant in stores, but we seemed to have better luck with the former. While she was picking out something peplum for me, we even found a peplum top for her, too. My mom also helped picked out the cardigan, necklace, and shoes from stuff I already had to complete my outfit. I ended up wearing this out to dinner with my husband. He approved.

Dress: Anne Klein via Boston Store; Cardigan: H&M; Shoes: C-Label; Necklace: Maurices
And here's how my mom wore her new peplum top:

Top: Calvin Klien via Boston Store; Skirt: Rafaella via Boston Store;
Cardigan: Sweater Project brand

Fashion blogger in the making, am I right? And yes, I know, we look exactly the same.

Although I didn't pick out the rest of the mom's outfit, doesn't it look like something I would've put together?? I love it! And I want to steal it! By the way, I should've had her take a picture of her walk-in closet. She has the most enviable closet. It's freakin' huge.


  1. you look great! she did an awesome job!

  2. and she looks super cute with the yellow cardi!

  3. i love your outfit! everything about it ties together perfectly.

  4. You look beautiful, Bek! Happy Mother's Day, too!

  5. What a fun way to spend Mother's Day! You both wound up with such lovely outfits - you have a very stylish mom :)

  6. Love both of these outfits-- your mom is adorable!

  7. Love your dress. I have a very similar one in red and black, but I love the pink!