Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dressed by Theresa

Here's why my friend Theresa excitedly texted me about this outfit that she saw on The Mindy Project for me to recreate:

1. Obviously, it's yellow.
2. It has lemons on it.

Reason Number 2 is only significant to a handful of people, thankfully. The story behind it is when I was in jazz/gymnastics at the age of 13, the three girls in the class danced to the song "Lemon Tree" for the recital in ridiculous citrus getups. My coordinating scrunchy was yellow for the lemon, one of the girls wore a green one, and the third wore orange. Yes, I have a picture. No, you can't see it. My other friend who was in the class would kill me, and I'm even too embarrassed to reveal it to too many people. Anyway, lemony-patterned things always put a smile on my face.

Having said that, I would've loved to drop $400 on this Alice and Oliva number Mindy Kaling wore (also the same one that Solange Knowles wore to Coachella), but that's just not realistic for me - plus, it's basically sold out everywhere. Then, I saw someone online recommend a reasonably priced Dorothy Perkins version, and the only thing stopping me from hitting Add to Bag immediately was this pesky shopping ban/cutback I'm only halfway sticking to. And the length. And the impracticality of it in my life. My 13-year-old bad influence self is telling me to do it anyway. (Psst, they have a lime version, too! Teehee.)

This yellow dress I made will have to do for now. By the way, I also broke my flimsy shopping ban to thrift this purple cardigan for $8. It's a little small, but I love it anyway, and the color is perfect.

Dress: Self-made; Cardigan: Calvin Klein via Retique (Goodwill);
Shoes and Sunglasses: Target; Necklace: gift

Outtake: This dress does not do well in the wind. I had quite a few shots of me holding my dress down so that the situation pictured below didn't happen.

The Modern Austen


  1. I absolutely love yellow and purple! And dresses that spin out when you turn around is so fun--but be careful in that wind :P Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. That Dorothy Perkins dress is adorable, and it makes me sad it is a "skater" dress; why must all the cute dresses be short??

    1. You should make something out of this fabric sometime:

    2. Right?? I agree. That fabric is cute. I'll have to keep it in mind for future projects.

  3. You made that dress yourself?! I'm so impressed!

  4. I love how your styled that great dress you made with purple! I saw that dress on the Mindy Show too and I totally fell in love with the pattern and shape!!

  5. I love the cheery pairing of yellow and purple. Kudos to you for making that dress yourself - it looks great! I really need to improve my sewing skills so I can take on some bigger projects.

  6. this is the perfect dress to wear for lemon zest day! i am so impressed with your sewing... you are definitely inspiring me to dust off my sewing machine. thanks for linking up with marissa & i!

    heidi @ literate & stylish