Sunday, September 15, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Fitting Room Reviews

When I leisurely pulled up to the Target in Grafton this morning, I wasn't sure what to expect. Five cars were already parked near the front. As I finished off my chocolate croissant from Starbucks, I watched a few more cars pull in after me. The crowd included three older ladies, two 20-something girls by themselves, a 20-something couple, two middle-aged men not there for Phillip Lim, and me. 

A minute before doors opened, I got out of my car and claimed my spot as #8 in line. We respectfully walked toward the collection like non-crazy, normal people and began making our selections. I was delighted to find that a couple bags in each color and size were available. I snatched up both gold versions and tried to decide which I was going with. I ended up choosing the mini satchel. Here's what else I brought into the fitting room:

Silky Skirt -Animal Print $29.99, size 14
This was adorable. I didn't expect to like this skirt as much as I did. It was way too short for work, and the zipper stuck a little; but if I had a place to wear this, I would've absolutely bought it. As you can see, the silky material has some wrinkle potential, but if that doesn't bug you, it's a very fun skirt that I thought was pretty true to size.

Since this was one of the items on my wishlist, I had high hopes for this shirt. The print may be a bit much, but the silky material felt like it was high quality. There was a stray thread sticking out on the shoulder, but nothing a scissors can't fix. I liked the longer length so that I could leave it untucked over skinny pants or tucked into a skirt. Although I hesitated at the bold print, this one went home with me.

Sparkle Sweater -Navy $39.99, size large
This sweater was so ridiculously soft and comfortable. The rhinestone detail at the neck was also a cute detail that makes this not just another sweater. And it looks adorable with the printed skirt. The shape was not flattering on me, but if you're in the market for something like this, I highly recommend it.

Ruffle Tank -Navy $26.99, size large
Originally, this top wasn't on my radar, but the more I saw it on people, the more I realized how versatile it would be in my own closet. Perfect for work. It's also a nice, silky material like the floral shirt and feels high quality despite a stray thread. This one ended up coming home with me, too.

I kind of expected this sweatshirt to me as comfortable as the Prabal Gurung for Target + Neiman Marcus one was, but this one definitely did not live up to the Prabal Gurung one. Cool design, but not for me.

Sparkle Dress -Black $49.99, size large
This dress looked très horrible on me, but I wanted to try it on just so that I could review it. The straight silhouette is more appropriate for basically anyone but pear shapes. But hey, the dress has pockets, so that's a nice perk.

Shirt Dress -Floral Print $39.99, size large
Finally, the shirt dress, which was also on my radar. Pros - I liked the more fitted waist. I was expecting it to be a straighter style, and I was pleasantly surprised that there was more shape to it. It also has a zipper instead of buttons, which is kind of cool. My problem with shirt dresses is button gape, which I wouldn't have to worry about with a zipper. Cons - Once I got it unzipped, I had a hard time getting it zipped back up. Also, the hemline was kind of weird to me - weird in a way that made the sides stick out off my hips in an unflattering way. The material is substantial and very nice quality, though. Even still, I passed on this one.

Other items that were in the store but I did not grab were:

So, what did you guys think of the collection? Did you get everything you were hoping to get?


  1. great review! i havent been able to go into my store so this is so helpful! i'm assuming my store would be ransacked by now. i'm pear shaped too so this is so helpful!! i ended up buying 3 bags online when they first released it online (2 mini totes in taupe and black, 1 big black tote) i dont know how they look like in real life so i might return the big black tote if its too enormous!

  2. I got the floral shirt dress, the grey sweater dress with the white flowy skirt attached (not on my radar at all but surprisingly cute on and the sweater was so soft), the green button up! Loved the color! The leopard print scarf, and a large black tote and a tiny black tote!

    My husband actually went to the store for me bc I couldn't be there early. When I got home, he had purchased two in everything so I could try it all on! So I loved getting to try it all on!

    I agree the navy sweater was not a flattering shape, but it was very soft!

    I loved the skirts but don't wear skirts enough to purchase!

    Love yor blog! Stumbled upon it when looking up #philliplimfortarget on Instagram!!

  3. I love when you do these fitting room posts because we have a similar silhouette and it gives me an idea of how the shape of things will work on me.

  4. Oh man I love the boom sweatshirt! It's comfy for me :)