Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Literary Stylings

I do love a good linkup, and Gracey from Fashion for Giants has been running a great one called Literary Stylings where you post an outfit based on a book you're reading. I've been planning to link up for months and wear my homemade dress with The Help as inspiration. Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten around to tailoring the dress more, and I'm not crazy about how it fits currently.

I bought this Banana Republic dress right around the time I was finishing up the book, and (this doesn't spoil anything, don't worry, if you still haven't read it but are planning to) the style reminded me of when Skeeter went on a shopping spree at an Emilio Pucci sale and reinvented her style to short, graphic-print dresses and long, straight hair.

Dress: Banana Republic; Belt: Hollister via E-Collectique; Shoes: New York & Company; Bracelet: H&M

...Wow, it's like a mall threw up on me—there's a little bit of everything in that outfit list. Also, why are all dresses so freakin' short? (Because I'm a giant.) I digress. I did wear this to work, but I think it'll be more work appropriate when I can wear it with tights and boots. The length worked well for my inspiration, though, and I really liked how this outfit turned out. I think it's appropriately Pucci-esque.


  1. I really don't like "The Help". I had to read it for work when it first came out, blerghed at the very first sentence and wanted to kill everybody by the end. (Don't like the movie either except the clothes are pretty.) But I like your dress! I kinda wish you'd worn your homemade dress, which is adorable, but this is lovely too.

  2. Love this dress. I don't know if you considered this, but I think this could be converted to a Halloween costume with the right accessories (go-go boots, twiggy makeup, etc.).

  3. I like your inspiration and the colors in this outfit are very, very pretty. I hate that everything is too short for my giant self too, but I agree that it'll be perfect with tights and boots for fall!