Monday, September 16, 2013

Catherine Malandrino for Designation at Kohl's Fitting Room Reviews

Although the Catherine Malandrino for Kohl's collection isn't on sale online until September 27, you can already find it in (some?) stores! I had to check it out for myself as soon as I saw Corleen's Instagram post about it. If you're a francophile or a lover of black and white, this collection is for you. As excited I was for the Phillip Lim line for Target, I was even more excited for this one.

Since the individual items aren't for sale online yet, I didn't link to them in my reviews, but you can see all the looks on Kohl's preview page. I found all the prices and product names here.

Deep v-neck dress $78, size large
This sweater dress was pretty cute. I probably should've sized up to an XL. It has a nude slip underneath, and I think it would look nice with tights or leggings and boots. While I am on the hunt for the perfect sweater dress, this wasn't it for me.

Embroidered mesh dress $120, size large
This dress came with an attached beige tank dress. It's pretty and fancy, but it's not really me, nor would I have any place to wear it if it were "me."

Appliqu├ęd dress $130, size large
This was something I haven't seen before. The dress had spiral cutouts over a beige layer. Kind of cool looking, but again, not anything I need or can use.

Lace peplum top $58, size large
I do love a peplum, but this one was all wrong on me - this was more of an empire waist top. It would be great for a maternity top, not so great otherwise.

Jacquard pullover sweater $68, size large, and sweater skirt $50, size XL
This is when I started getting excited. I thought the sweater was super soft, thick, and pretty. It would make a great Christmas present. *Wink* any family members that may be reading... I wasn't expecting to think anything of the skirt - I grabbed it just to have a bottom to try on besides the boring pants in the collection - but I kind of loved it. Especially with the next couple sweaters. I ended up buying the skirt.

Paris je t'aime oversized tee $36, size large
I was holding up my arms in the first picture to show you that this T-shirt is basically a rectangle. While I usually prefer a fitted tee, this would look cute with skinny pants. My casual wardrobe is lacking compared to my work wardrobe, so I could use definitely use something like this. However, I did not purchase it.

Asymmetrical striped pullover sweater $68, size large
This sweater was really hard to leave behind. I literally started bouncing in the fitting room because I was so jazzed about how cute the sweater and the skirt look together. I'm not sure that comes across in this photo, so you may have to take my word for it. Not only that, but the sweater is long enough to wear with leggings, and I bet it would look killer with leather leggings, had I a pair of those (someday). It wasn't quite as soft as the jacquard sweater, but I thought it was still pretty comfortable.

Printed Eiffel Tower pullover sweater $58, size large
This one's a much thinner knit than the jacquard and striped sweaters but thicker than the sweater dress I showed first. And it's adorable. I'm wearing a large here, but I also tried on and XL, just to check. The XL was huge, and I ended up buying the large one pictured here. I can't wait to wear it with the sweater skirt and my new red pumps from Payless. (What? I'm done shopping for awhile now...)

Printed blouse $68, size large
When I saw this shirt online and in the store, I was certain it was going to come home with me. Having just tried on the Phillip Lim floral shirt, though, which is such a great piece, I wasn't as excited about this one. The material isn't as nice as the Phillip Lim one at Target, and I didn't like the shorter length as much. It's still a nice top, just not worth $68, in my opinion. It probably doesn't help that I was wearing the sweater skirt with it.

Ponte side zip top $48, size large
The thing I liked about this top is that it's so different with the zip-up mock turtleneck, slight ruching at the shoulder, and asymmetrical zipper detail. It's just a chic, cool top. It's nothing something I felt I had to have, but I definitely appreciate the design behind it.

Some of the looks that weren't in store that I wanted to try on were:


  1. I love those two dresses you don't need. They look great on you. I also might have to find a Kohls to try on the eiffel tower sweater. So adorable

  2. Those two sweaters are adorable, I can see why you had trouble leaving the striped pullover behind!

  3. Wow! I can't believe your Kohls had it early! Makes me want to see if mine has it too. I think the striped pullover looked best on you and the Eiffel tower! It's so expensive though, I would wait for markdowns.
    Check out my Phillip Lim Target review if you have a chance.


  4. I just heard about this collab and I am SO excited about it myself! I actually like it even more than Philip Lim for Target! Can't wait to stop in Kohls - thanks for this post!