Saturday, September 28, 2013

Four Stylish Concert Outfit Ideas

Every once in awhile, most likely when Hanson's on tour like right now, I'll see in my blog stats that some people found this site by searching "what to wear to a Hanson concert." The post they likely see is this somewhat tongue-in-cheek one I did a couple years ago. This time (around), I wanted to give some serious suggestions for Hanson concert attire (or any concert, really) for those of you looking for advice. I'm going to my 48th and 49th Hanson shows in a few weeks, and I still have no idea what I'm going to wear, so maybe this will give me some ideas, too.

Everything I've shown here is under $50 except for the TOMS wedges.

Concert Outfit Ideas

1. I bought some faux leather leggings yesterday, so I'm all about those right now, but coated denim is also a great option. Less flashy but still cool. Pair these pants with a slouchy T-shirt or tank top, a knit jacket for easier range of motion in the arms, and jewelry. Credit where its due, this look was inspired by Kendi.

2. This outfit is more appropriate for a seated show or one where you plan to hang out in the back by the bar. Or maybe be outside the venue for most of the night (it happens). With the long sleeves and over-the-knee boots, you would surely overheat amid the crowd.

The first two looks are definitely my style, but the blazer in outfit #1 maaayyy be a little much for a Hanson concert. Let's try a couple things outside of my comfort zone.

3. I'm not a huge camo-print fan myself, but I can't deny that it is trendy right now. You could substitute any printed or colored denim here. And this top, which says "Rock n roll stole my soul" is a subtle nod to the lyrics in Hanson's song "Been There Before" or any of the other songs where they mention rock n roll and soul.

4. Sneaker wedges. They were huge last year, so let's lug those puppies out again to give you some height so that you can see the stage from the middle of the crowd in shoes you don't mind getting a little knocked around. It was hard for me to find a pair of these I didn't hate. Thank goodness for fashion bloggers giving me inspiration because this is exactly what I was envisioning. I also like the sneaker wedges with a short, full skirt, but I'd recommend wearing shorts underneath at a concert just to be safe. Unless safety is not what you're going for; in the case, by all means take your chances.


  1. Oooh great looks! They would definitely be comfortable enough for a concert, but still super stylish!

  2. Oooh great looks! They would definitely be comfortable enough for a concert, but still super stylish!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your outfit posts with the leather leggings. I bought a pair a couple years ago and only wore them out once. Everytime I try styling them I end up overdoing the edge factor and look too costumey (like I am right out of a Hot Topic ad). Mine are also a bit sheer in the back, so, I either have to make sure my behind is 100% covered by my top or wear another pair of leggings or tights under them.

  4. lol love that people are searching for Hanson concert outfit ideas :p

    I'd definitely wear closed toe shoes and a rocker tee!