Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What to Wear to a Hanson Concert

Update 10/10/13: Looking for what to wear to a Hanson concert? Find more ideas in my new post, Four Stylish Concert Outfit Ideas.

You may never plan on actually going to a Hanson concert, but you should.  They're very good, and I'm not just saying that.  When I heard that they were coming to Milwaukee for a promo show, one of my first reactions (after grinning idiotically for the rest of the day) was, what am I going to wear?  You have to win tickets to this show, so I may not even be going, but still.  It's worth pondering.

I don't think it would be an incredibly bold statement for me to say that 90% of people at these shows wear jeans.  My friends and I have worn skirts in the past, and you'll see leggings occasionally, but it's mostly jeans.    Here are some looks:

For the fan who wants to strike up an intellectual conversation with them about some cool band/instrument/charity.

For the fan who still thinks she's going to get with them even though they're all happily married.

For the fan who still makes her own shirt.

Fan 3

Fan 3 by ritzgrrl featuring denim jeans

For the fan who wants to dress like Hanson.

For the veteran fan who knows it all. (This fan is hard to categorize, but I would say she wants to look cute because everyone knows who she is, even Hanson.  Plus, she's there to hang out and reconnect with friends more than to see the show.)

Did I forget any?

I admit it, I've been all of these types of fans at one time or another.  So if you're offended, I'm only mocking myself in my younger years.

So what am I going to wear?  I have absolutely no idea.  Something already in my closet, for sure, as I currently don't have money for a new outfit.  Sad face.


  1. I definitely went more towards option number two when i saw them in september. teenage dreams never truly die.

    matters of merrymaking

  2. Don't worry. Somewhere in the way back of my mind, I think I still believe I'm going to marry Isaac.

  3. Loved this post! So fun to reminisce. And you know we'll all be at the show whether we get inside or not, right? :)