Sunday, December 9, 2012

Casual and Fancy Friday

Well, this weekend started off great. I had a short day at work on Friday since my team went to Dave & Buster's for lunch and game playing for our annual Christmas party in the afternoon. I didn't want to bring jeans to change into, so I went with corduroys instead.

Turtleneck and Blazer: Target; Cords: New York & Company; Boots: Steve Madden

I wore the blazer during work and then took it off for the festivities.

Watch: La Mer via Ruelala

After that, I made a quick stop at DSW (it was right next door; how could I not?) and bought a pair of shoes and a clutch on sale, and then headed home to get ready for the company Christmas party.

Dress: New York & Company; Jewelry: from past weddings & ring c/o Anjolee; Tights: H&M;
Shoes: Prada via E-Collectique; Clutch: Melie Bianco via DSW

I didn't know exactly what to expect since I didn't go last year, but it was fun! The party was held at the Frontier Airlines Center downtown, which apparently just changed its name to Delta Center. The food was great, and my husband has a good time catching up with his friends whom he used to work with. I hung out with one of the writers on my team most of the night, and we learned that our husbands have a lot in common. They had plenty to talk about. We ended the night with a stop in the photo booth. My mom said I look drunk in these pictures, but I wasn't at all. I drove home minutes later.

After a fun Friday, my mom, brother's wife, Bridget, and I went down to a baby shower for a family friend on Saturday. My brother's wife made the baby an awesome laser tag onesie that I really should've taken a picture of. The "how well do I know the parents" survey was pretty funny to fill out, too, since I've known the mom-to-be her whole life, which is how I knew her favorite childhood movie was The Last Unicorn without even looking at the word bank. When we were little, we used to pretend we were unicorns, and my brother was the Red Bull. Good times. Good movie, too. A little creepy, but good. I still enjoy it.

My fourth party for the weekend was supposed to take place right now actually - Bridget's 2nd birthday party. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling well and got sick twice today, which made us decide to cancel or postpone her party. We brought her into urgent care and found out that her ear infection she had before we left for Arizona is still in full force, even after 10 days of antibiotics. So we got her different medicine, and we've been taking it easy today, doing Christmasy stuff around the house instead. My husband and I have a real Christmas tree for the first time since we've been together! Usually, we're traveling for Christmas, so we don't bother; but this year we'll be home.

Anyway, besides the lack of appetite, Bridget's feeling a little more like herself. She's napping now - that'll help, too.

I think that's all my news for now. After having a two-day work week last week, I'm not really looking forward to working a full week again, but Christmas will be here soon enough. I'm finally in a Christmasy mood, too. Woohoo!


  1. Dave & Buster's seems to be the go-to holiday work spot. Our department will be there this Friday afternoon :)

  2. Yesss The Last Unicorn.

    Love the black dress on you! So fancy and holiday-perfect.

  3. I love your holiday party outfit! You look fabulous. We have our work party this week. It's just a potluck but the work day ends up being short and everyone's in a great, festive mood. I love this time of year!

  4. Love that dress
    For your office party with the tights and shoes

  5. you look absolutely stunning in your party dress! i love the shoes, too. and i don't think you look drunk at all!!

  6. Cute dress!

    Have you tried Old Navy's cord skinny jeans? They fit so much better than their regular skinny jeans; also, as a larger gal I appreciate that the corduroy means the material is thicker.

    1. I haven't! I kind of lost faith in Old Navy's denim, but I'll definitely have to go try their cords and see how I like those.

    2. Their colored skinny jeans fit terrible on me; baggy above the knees, skin tight below the knees, and fabric so thin that every "imperfection" was visible. The cords are not so "carrot" shaped.

  7. I love the blazer and the night out look!