Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two-Year Stats

She just likes the frosting...she definitely didn't get that from me!
(stolen from my mom's facebook)

It's been awhile since I've done one of these. Bridget had her two-year checkup yesterday, which was supposed to include her Hep A (I think) and flu shots. Unfortunately, since she still has a raging ear infection, those have to wait until next week.

Height: 36.5 inches (97th percentile) - Over three feet! She's one tall drink of water.

Weight: 27 pounds (55th percentile) - She's usually higher in the weight percentile, which was a little concerning to us. Because she's been sick, she recently lost a pound and a half. The doctor said not to worry, though.

Head Circumference: 18.5 inches (36th percentile)

Food: Bridget prefers fruits, veggies (carrots, peas, corn), bread, and yogurt. She likes cereal and crackers as a snack. Sometimes she'll eat meat if it's chicken, lunch meat, or hot dogs, but she won't eat ground beef.

Drink: We forgot that at two years of age, she can switch to 1% milk instead of whole, but since she's still a skinny minnie, we'll probably finish up the whole milk we have first anyway. By the way, I can't say "skinny minnie" to her or she'll want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Learned that the hard way.

Size: 2T in clothes, 5 in diapers, 6 or 7 in shoes. I keep buying her size 7 shoes thinking her feet are going to grow, but I think her one pair of size 6 shoes fit better at the moment.

Teeth: She's still missing some. She's got four to go on the side (two on top, two on bottom) and then some molars, too.

Sleep: Lately since she's been sick, it's not been unusual for Bridget to wake up once during the night and need some comfort. Once she gets over the ear infection, I think we're going to convert to the toddler bed and see how that goes.

Potty Training: Yeah, about that. We're not rushing it. We do have some big girl undies that we'll start using more often especially once she moves into the next daycare room when they start potty training there.

Favorite Things: Lion King, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street

  • Can put two words together, but still has yet to really form more than two-word sentences.
  • Identifies some colors, but mostly green, which is her favorite color.
  • Repeats numbers back as someone counts. 
  • Repeats nearly everything that she hears, meaning mommy really has to watch her mouth now.
  • Uses real silverware like a pro and prefers that to her little plastic forks and spoons.
  • Drinks from a cup, but we still mostly use sippy cups so that she doesn't spill when she's moving around.
  • Mimics actions in her environment.
  • Walks, runs, and climbs stairs with ease.

Comments from Her Daycare Teacher:

Her teacher says that Bridget is one of the most advanced socially, and that she acts more like a three-year-old. She's the leader in the classroom (and also the oldest; she's moving onto the next classroom next week), and is a very good helper. However, Bridget is easily influenced by bad behavior. If someone else climbs up on the table, she'll do it, too, although she knows it's wrong. The skills Bridget needs to work on are naming colors and counting. Otherwise, she's perfect (her words...maybe mine, too).