Thursday, December 27, 2012

Still Recovering

Christmas did not go quite as expected. On one hand, I made four different kinds of cookies, which were all delicious. I actually did something I pinned on Pinterest, woohoo! The ones that gave me the most trouble were the traditional frosted sugar cookies only because I don't have the patience for frosting. I even used store-bought frosting, too, so I don't even have an excuse. On the other hand, I can't even think about cookies right now because my husband and I both got sick Christmas night. I'm still not sure if it was the flu or food poisoning, but Bridget is fine, as are my parents, who were over that day. The morning and afternoon parts were great, though. We are three very loved and spoiled people, that's for sure.

Also, in my last post I mentioned trying to fix this dress to wear to church on Christmas Eve. When I was done with it, it looked even worse than the first time around. I should've taken a picture. And I broke two needles, and one of the pieces is still stuck in my sewing machine somewhere. So much for that. I've finally decided to give up and just turn the dress into a skirt. Oh well. Here's what I ended up wearing instead:

Shirt: New York & Company; Cardigan: Target; Skirt: Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's;
Brooch: c/o Wantable; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff (still on sale!)


  1. I love this outfit---so classy! Hope you keep feeling better.

  2. I love everything about this outfit. You look so classy and cute.

  3. I love that skirt...festive and classy! I got pretty sick Christmas eve too...tis the season!!!