Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lace Tights at Work

It took me until today to get the guts to wear these lace tights at this job. Since the rest of the outfit is pretty covered up and conservative except for maybe the studded belt, I figured a lace-covered knee would be OK. I actually don't even remember where I got these tights from, but I must've bought them in '09ish.

Sunglasses, Dress, and Boots: Target; Long-Sleeved Shirt: gift; Belt: H&M; Tights: ?

By the way, I was informed once again how giant my watch is. I really should be keeping track – it always seems to be guys than comment on it, too, which isn't surprising. Either the largeness doesn't bother girls as much, or they just don't say anything. Heh. I will say that my watch is getting kind of loose. I need to bring it in somewhere to get a link taken out of it. I wonder if I have to go back to the Michael Kors outlet to do that. OH WELL, if I have to, I have to! Haha.


  1. Love the tights!

    <3 Josephine

  2. Those tights are gorgeous! I love how they just slightly peek out from beneath your dress :)

  3. I love the giant watch!! This outfit is fabulous... The conservative dress tempers the sexiness of the lace tights!! Looking great!