Saturday, December 8, 2012

Neiman Marcus + Target Holiday Collection Fitting Room Reviews

This collection has been out for a week now, and I was worried I wasn't going to get the chance to check it out at all. If the West Milwaukee Target is any indication, I had absolutely nothing to be worried about. It seemed like they had almost everything from the collection, and everything was located right at the front of the store in the women's section.

Proenza Schouler Sweatshirt - So soft and comfortable. I don't really need a sweatshirt in my life. I can't wear sweatshirts to work, but this was just so cute and comfortable. As you can see, it has a high-low hem, scooping down longer in the back. I especially appreciated the fact that while the body of the sweater is relaxed fit, the sleeves are more fitted so that it doesn't just look like a sack of a sweatshirt. I purchased this one in an XL, which is also what I tried on.

rag & bone Men's Sweater - From reading reviews online, it looks like a lot of women are picking up the men's and boy's rag & bone sweaters for themselves, and I can see why. This is a great basic cardigan. I'm wearing a men's medium in this picture. I'm not in the market for a cardigan, but I was curious to see how it fit.

Lela Rose Top - This is the item I was most excited about from this collection. I'm not sure if I realized when I first saw the top online that the lace was only on the front, but I was disappointed to learn that it is the case. Even still, I loved it enough to purchase it anyway. The lace just felt too me to pass up. In this photo, I have on a large, which was a little snug since the top has no stretch. I ended up going with an XL without trying it on first. I was pleasantly surprised how not sheer it was with two beige layers of fabric and then the lace layer on top. And I can wash and dry it. Hooray!!!!!

Lela Rose Dress - I knew the moment I saw this dress online that it would look terrible on me, but I wanted to try it on for the sake of this review. I was right. With my hips, the bottom just got really poofy; and although I could zip the top of the 14, it wasn't flattering in the least. The style of this dress baffles me. I'm sure it looks lovely on some people...but I'm not a fan.

Tracy Reese Blouse - Again, at first I was perturbed that the design on the front doesn't carry over to the back. In this case, though, the blue on the back panel is such a pretty color, I didn't mind it once I saw it in person. Unfortunately, the blue panel is also slightly sheer, which is not ideal. I was almost tempted by this top, but the fit was a little snug in the hips, and I just couldn't justify dropping $80 on something I'd hardly ever wear. The one I have on here is a large.

Robert Rodriguez Top - This is actually a lovely top. I would highly recommend it for short-waisted people with small busts. While I may be slightly short-waisted, small-busted I am not. This top just made me look super wide, but I loved the idea of it. The funny thing is, I wasn't really interested in this top when I saw it online, but I liked it a lot better in person.

Robert Rodriguez Dress - Besides the Lela Rose lace top, this was the other item I had my eye on. With a couple dressier events to go to this month, I thought this dress might fit the bill for one of them. Well, not so much. It's shorter than I'd prefer to go with this poofy of a dress, and the 14 didn't zip all the way for me. Plus, as the reviews online say, the zipper does stick. Maaaaybe if I fought with it I could've gotten it to zip on me, but probably not. Pass. It would be super cute on a shorter, smaller girl, though.

Items that tempted me...

  • Marc Jacobs Pouch Gold - I own almost no clutches - only three if you count one very bridal-looking one.  Although I don't frequently need a clutch, when I do, my only color options are mustard or silver. I almost wanted to add this gold pouch to my very meager clutch collection.
  • Prabal Gurung Clutch - Same reason as above. This didn't appeal to me online, but I noticed the lace rectangles on it more in person, and I thought it was pretty cute.
  • Jason Wu Ornaments - These are actually things I could use. We're getting a Christmas tree for the first time since we've lived together, and we have very few ornaments.
  • Oscar de la Renta Pet Collar and Leash - Medium - This was super tempting, but A. we just bought my dog a new collar, and B. my husband is anti-pink for our dog. Dela is definitely not a girly frou-frou dog.
  • Brian Atwood Leather Gloves - The only size they had left at the store was L/XL. It should've been a sign for me to grab them, but I resisted.
  • Marchesa Girl's Floral Dress - I liked this one a lot more in person than I did online.
  • Marchesa Girl's Beaded Dress - The beading was gorgeous, but the pleated fabric wasn't as soft as I expected it to be. Still, had it been in adult sizes, I would've snatched it up for myself because I do love Marchesa.
  • Jason Wu Girl's Solid Dress - The lace on the collar is the best part. If Bridget didn't already have a Christmas dress lined up for this year, I would've absolutely bought this for her to wear. Hmm...maybe I should pick it up for next Christmas...


  1. I want the Proenza sweatshirt. I'm going to hold to for clearance ony because 1)at every Target I've gone to the stock has been plentiful 2)I purchased the Garance for Kate Spade sweatshirt on sale a couple weeks back and don't really "need" two sweatshirts. I love it on you!!!

    I picked up the Tory Burch lunchbox and will use it for toiletries when traveling. I was originally going to use it for lunch but it's too small/narrow.

  2. I was just ranting at work today about the ridiculousness of the Jason Wu ornaments; $50 for THREE ornaments???

  3. what did you end up getting? i think the robert rodriguez top looked the best on you!!!

  4. I want the Proenza Schouler Sweatshirt, just ordered the size L,