Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Awkwardness That Is This Skirt

Shirt: Boutique Larrieux; Tie: belt from another shirt; Skirt: Gap; Tights: We Love Colors; Shoes: Target

Awkward story time for you. This skirt that I wore today is a little loose, causing it to rotate as I walk. Normally, it wouldn't be noticeable, but I clipped my work badge to one of the side pockets this morning. It was rainy out today, so I was walking pretty fast from my car to work. When I got in and grasped for my work badge, I couldn't find it. The guy behind me was like, "It's on your uh..." and he pointed to my butt. I casually said, "Looks like it got turned around!" like this type of thing happens ever day and pulled my skirt back the right way. My only saving grace is that I have no idea who he was, and I work in a big office building and probably won't see that guy again today. Or even ever. Still to be safe, I put my badge around my neck for the rest of the day.

This shirt always confuses me, too. It came with a detachable ruffle that I thought was really cool at the time, but I never know how to style it. If any of you have suggestions, I'd be open to them!  Here's how I styled it the first time I wore it.

Too much going on there, but I justified it because I was interviewing a couple people for jobs that day, and I thought I'd see if I could throw them off with my crazy getup.  Or something.  I changed into skinny jeans after work that day, but I think that only made me look even more like George Washington.

Anyway, conveniently enough, the theme is Colored Tights for both Everybody, Everywear and Wear It Wednesday (which is hosted by Dresses for Dinner tomorrow), so I am linking up with both of them today.

Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights


  1. That totally looks like something Allison from ANTM would wear! I personally hate that old fuddy duddy looking ruffle because it does a weird thing with making your boobs look separated. You are so brave with colors!

  2. I literally laughed out loud at that story. When I used to walk to work, my skirts would get all twisted around and it drove me batty!

    I love this color combination on you and love the black tie with the blouse.

  3. I love ruffles!~ And I do think it can look a little George W but who cares. I guess the best thing to wear with it would be a pencil skirt and boots- sleek and non competing. Lovely tights too!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  5. Haha! That is a great story :) I totally have skirts that do the SAME thing. I think this outfit looks GREAT! And I love that you tied a bow around your collar. With the ruffles, I would say add a cardigan or a blazer or something, it may help :)

  6. Love this looks awesome! Sadly I forgot about ebew!

    And yes if you would like to use one of those photos you can providing it is kept in a positive light!

    Cheers and thank you for your comment!!

  7. I like the idea of a cardigan or blazer over it. I'll have to try that. That should fix the separated boobs problem, haha.

    The pencil skirt is a good idea, but first I have to find one that actually works for me. I'm on a mission.

  8. LOL! That is too funny. That has happened to me before (the skirt twisting, not the badge placement). hahaha. I love this whole look. Very nice.

  9. I love that top, it's actually stylish and flexible if you combine it with the right skirt and accessories. Yet, I love the outfit, eh. The tights are also very flattering.

    Cathy@custom digitizing