Saturday, November 5, 2011

The End of Jeans Week

Shirt: Fred Boutique; Blazer, Bracelet, and Shoes: Kohl's; Jeans and Cami: New York & Company

I'm gonna kind of miss being able to wear jeans every day to work. When I put this outfit on, I couldn't decide whether to tie the bow and button the blazer or not. I went with tied and unbuttoned for work and then happened to leave it untied after hitting the fitting room at Kohl's. While shopping, I also spotted the bracelet I'm wearing, which benefited Susan G. Komen. It's cute, cheap, and the money goes to charity, score.

Part of my errand running also included stopping at Michael's to get the rest of what I needed for my next DIY project. I've been wanting to try glitterizing shoes, so I took an old pair of boots and cut them into booties. Before I can start the glittering process, though, I have to finagle some way to keep the shoe on since the zipper fell off when I cut it. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I like the bow loosely tied and the blazer looks good open :)