Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn Outfit

Vampire Top: Maurices; Long Sleeve Shirt: Target; Vest: Old Navy; Jeans: New York & Company; Shoes: Vince Camuto (via giveaway); Bracelet: Charming Charlie

This is my official Twilight movie shirt. It’s not official Twilight merchandise, but I bought it at Maurices before New Moon came out, when you could find vampire themed apparel everywhere, it seemed. I’ve worn this shirt three times so far--to the midnight showing of New Moon, while pregnant and going to see Eclipse, and to Breaking Dawn this past weekend. It just has to last one more year for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, and then I can retire it.

I paired the T-shirt with this military-esque vest that a bunch of bloggers have, my new tough girl boots, and cuffed jeans for Bloggers Do It Better: Military Chic.

What’d you think of Breaking Dawn, for those of you who’ve seen it? There was some discussion with my friends after we saw the movie and on Facebook, and we all came to the conclusion that some parts were definitely cheesy. But that didn’t stop me from loudly laughing at some parts and cowering with my hands over my mouth during the suspenseful/gruesome parts (birth scene anyone?). The last shot of the movie before the credits was INTENSE.

I do have some complaints about the Cullens throughout the Twilight series. The Cullens in general have gotten less good looking with each movie, I think. Rosalie was gorgeous in the first one, and now you can tell she’s just wearing a really bad wig. Alice’s hair has gotten progressively worse, too. And all of a sudden, Emmett is just a dumb jock (also with bad hair) instead of a fun-loving older brother type. Esme is the only one who has looked the same and consistently good throughout. And Edward. I did enjoy Jasper in his tux, though. Rawr! Speaking of Jasper, why does he only have a Southern access in Eclipse?

One of the trailers was for The Hunger Games, and I may finally be convinced to read it. Good thing I have a handful of months to do so before the movie comes out.

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