Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You're Wearing That to Church?

Guys' reactions to outfits that are a little outside the box are funny sometimes. A guy I used to work with liked to give my outfits themes--like if I wore red and blue together, I was Super Girl. Or the one time I wore yellow tights, I was Lisa Simpson.

T-shirt: Old Navy; Cardigan: New York & Company; Skirt: self-made; Thigh-High Socks: American Apparel; Shoes: Kohl's; Necklace: E-collectique Runway Boutique

I'm glad that hubs calls me out when he thinks an outfit is crazy. Not too long ago, I had on shorts with tights, and he pointed out it maybe wasn't the most appropriate church-going getup. He asked the same question about this outfit; but in this case, I wasn't going to church. I wore this to the Baptism party I went to Sunday. However, I wouldn't have been that out of place wearing a T-shirt to church. Members of our church are often wearing Packers jerseys and jeans.

After hanging out at my friend's house, I changed into TOMs to wander around Costco with Bridget. As usual, I dropped way too much money there, but they were carrying Michael Kors outerwear! I bought two coats for myself--a down jacket for $30 and a peacoat for $50--but I haven't decided if I'm going to return the peacoat or not. They also had a really sharp looking parka for men, but hubs wasn't interested.

Today, I'm participating in Wear It Wednesday: How to wear graphic tees, hosted by Animated Cardigan.


  1. I LOVE this outfit and think it is definitely church appropriate! You wear that skirt really well, I tend to look silly in skirts with that shape! I'm jealous of this awesomeness!

  2. Michael Kors for Costco? Who knew!? This is so cute, you look good in cute tees :)