Friday, November 25, 2011

My Creative, Successful Alter Ego

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday

For this week's FBFF topic, Lili from Relatable Style suggested we dress like our alter ego. Here's her explanation:

The plan is to create an outfit that shows one (or several!) of your alter egos. It can be anything: Who you are deep inside, who you always thought you would be, or who you would be right now if circumstances allowed. Maybe you are a total diva, but your rural living environment does not exactly call for satin gloves up to the elbows and feather boas? Or you always thought you'd be a rockstar? A mom? Maybe you feel out of place in today's world sometimes and you could imagine yourself as a poet in the Victorian era? Or travelling the world with your camera, shooting for Vogue? Whatever it is, show us! You can also write a few (or many many) lines about the background of your alter ego, if you like.

I chose to dress like a young adult novel author. Growing up, I used to write as an outlet. When I was unpopular in school and wishing I had a boyfriend, I'd write about falling in love and going on adventures with friends. Now that I'm busy with a husband, baby, friends, and full-time job, I've (unfortunately?) lost much of my angsty inspiration. Maybe when Bridget gets older, I can write about her angst.

I'm a fact finder, as a profile from my previous job indicated, so I took to Google to research what novelist extraordinaire J.K. Rowling wears. Then, I made a simple but sharp-looking outfit for working at home and a red carpet look for the premiere of the movie adaptation of my book.

Writing at Home

Red Carpet Movie Premiere


  1. You make me want my long hair back so I could curl it like yours!

  2. Hi Rebekah, thank you so much for participating! I love this idea, it embodies exactly what I had in mind for this FBFF, a different life that was possible as well at some point :-) Also, I love that you planned both the "working" and the "red carpet" look, genius! :-D Love it!

  3. This is a super cute post and I love the second look. So elegant.