Monday, April 16, 2012

Desperate Housewife

Inspiration Monday picture: 

My interpretation:

Top and Leggings: Target; Shoes: TOMS; Sunglasses: Express

A couple of my friends got me hooked on Desperate Housewives. Interesting timing considering their series finale recently aired, but all the episodes are available to watch on Netflix. I always like having a Netflix show on in the background when I'm folding and putting away laundry in our bedroom. Since the second season of Downton Abbey isn't available yet, I've watched a little of Mad Men, but I haven't really gotten into it yet. So I decided, why not check out Desperate Housewives.

Plus, my friends assigned characters to each one of us, and I was Gabby, Eva Longoria's character (because of the fashion thing, obviously not 'cause I'm a hot Latina), so I was interested to see what that was all about.

And now I'm hooked. There's a mystery aspect that I never really realized was there before I started watching, and I'm really curious to how it's all going to play out.  So now I watch multiple episodes before bed and stay up way later than I should.


  1. Hey Rebekah! Looking very lovely here! I like the way you picked the black and studs out of her outfit and the shoes look really lovely and comfy, totally my type of shoe!

  2. i have never seen that show, but oddly enough, my dad used to watch it! i love your top...what a flattering cut and the florals are so pretty!

  3. I love how you interpreted the look for your lifestyle. Great detailing on the leggings and the addition of the fun red Toms!

  4. actually the series finale doesn't air until may 13!...glad you are getting such a kick out of it and that theresa and I brought you over to our side! And just so you know, when one mystery ends another begins!