Monday, April 23, 2012

Week Thirteen and Fourteen Weigh-in

Current Weight: 192.8 (up .4 lb last week, down 2 lb this week)

Proof that starving yourself works. Just kidding. I only did that on Saturday in a desperate attempt to stick to my points. By Sunday afternoon, I was completely out of points and bummed that it was almost time for work on Monday, so I went ahead and made brownies. Haha. Luckily, I was good the rest of the week, so it didn't do much damage. I celebrated the loss this morning with Starbucks coffee cake. This is how I get myself into these situations.

Last week, I didn't do a weigh-in post because I indulged a lot on our anniversary, and I wanted to redeem myself. It's becoming very apparent that I need to start working out on top of doing the portion control. While I'm fitting into smaller clothes, I am not toned in the least. Ugh. Maybe I'll have to start up Zumba again or find another fun way to get some exercise.

Goal/Incentive: Trying for Baby #2 when I hit 175.

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