Friday, April 27, 2012

Outfit Planning

1. How do you go about picking your outfit for the day? Depends on the day. Sometimes I think about it the night before, and sometimes I wing it. I also keep a Google doc of outfit ideas using pieces I have if I find inspiration somewhere or something new and different comes to mind. There's not many useful ideas on there right now, though.

2. Do you try stuff on and then take pics to see how it looks, like Cher in Clueless? I don't take pictures unless I'm trying to get someone else's opinion, but once in awhile, I do try stuff on the night before to see how it looks.

3. And are you consistent in your planning or lack thereof, or is your planning limited to special events? I rarely plan weekend outfits ahead of time unless I have some sort of event that I want to plan ahead for.  If I have something  I want to wear (like new clothes), or if there's a blogger linkup I want to participate in, I'll plan ahead during the week. If I'm not feeling very inspired, I'll wing it or fall back on old standbys. Like if I don't plan a work outfit ahead of time, there's a very good chance I'll throw on my go-to business casual outfit of pants, cute top, and cardigan.

4. Do you have a way of keeping track of which outfits you wore when? Just the blog. I used to write down what I wore every day, but now if it's in the dirty clothes hamper, there's a good chance I didn't wear it within the last couple weeks.

5. How do you come up with new clothing combinations? Blogger challenges and getting ideas from other style bloggers helps.

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  1. Ooh. I forgot to mention that I also plan for blogger link-ups. Especially EBEW - I have to plan for that one or I'm totally screwed!

  2. Wow you have a Google doc?! So organized haha I'm much more of a visual person when it comes to my outfit. I only typically plan them out if I'm going on vacation.