Saturday, April 7, 2012

Orange Penguin

Lace Top: Wet Seal; Cami: Old Navy; Cardigan and Boots: Target; Pants: NY&Co; Belt: from a different shirt; Bracelet: gift

I put a disproportionate amount of thought into this one to participate in Style Imitating Art this week. Here's the artwork Jess picked out.

I knew I wanted to wear a bright orange shirt to match the book spines with black and white for Penguin. After a few colorful accessory changes, I also decided it should be ALL black and white besides the orange. Since Penguin boots are typically (always?) fiction, I thought it was appropriate to add a little bit of whimsy with the bow bracelet. 

Oh yeah, and I'm on Instagram now (mixedupbek)!

It's kind of funny that I put so much thought into it but still ended up with my typical go-to work attire — pants, cute top, solid cardigan. In retrospect, I think the belt was overkill, but it kind of goes with the book spine design.

This outfit is from Thursday, but now it's Saturday, and soon I'm off to shop, go see Titanic in 3D (where sobbing will commence, I'm sure), and then head to my parents' for Easter!

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  1. I love that you put thought into it though! That's what this challenge is all about :) I especially like that you incorporated lines into your outfit with the belt--that's what I tried to do too because I feel like the fact that they're book spines is the key to it being art instead of some black/white/orange lump on a cover. You did great, Bek!