Thursday, April 12, 2012

Post-Ban Shopping Haul

Um, whoops. Let's just say I took full advantage of my new-found spending freedom. It looks more shameful if I put the list first then the pictures, rather than interspersing them.

  • Gap dress
  • Payless shoes (Not shown. They're still en route to my local Payless store.)
  • Express sunglasses
  • Hue tights (two pairs for only $3!!)
  • American Eagle top
  • New York & Company
    • pants
    • white shirt
    • peplum top
    • pencil skirt
    • maxi high-low dress
Not for me:
  • Gap jeans for hubs
  • Old Navy swimsuit for Bridget
  • Gap jelly sandals for Bridget
  • Gap pants for Bridget

Hubs then reminded me that we need to buy new tires for my car and pay for the dental work I just had done. Well I didn't think of that. Shopping ban for May? That may be happening, we'll see.

First, we'll get the basics out of the way. I have work pants that fit again, woohoo! A white shirt was another thing I needed, so at least these two things are not impulse buys.

I've also been wanting another maxi dress, preferably in black — something basic and flattering. I wasn't expecting to like this high-low hem because I thought only people with nice legs should wear something like this. Turns out I love it and want to wear it every day of summer.

Another trendier piece I picked up was this peplum top, which I've seen around on different blogs. Since I now have the confidence to wear pencil skirts, I got one of those, too, on clearance.

Other pieces I bought from blogger influence were the corset top and sandals (not shown). Wow, I'm such a sucker. I guess I'm proof that advertising on blogs works.

This Gap dress was a complete impulse buy. No rationalizing this one other than I had a coupon. Unfortunately, it's an online-only item, and it's too big, so I'll be exchanging it. Or should I return it? I'm not sure how i feel about the tan/beige color on me. What do you think?


  1. I love that high low hem dress!

  2. I tried that peplum top a few weeks ago and cheaper ou. I'm now going back if it's on clearance!
    I like the Gap dress, but the tan seems vey close to your skin color. It's cute, but I think yur other pieces are more fun. If you have to send it back/exchange it, I'd do a return.

    I love the corset and skirt! You look really good in that look, it shoes off you nipped in waist nicely!

    1. Oh sorry, I think I worded that wrong. Only the skirt was on clearance. But they do have different sales and coupons each week, so you should definitely check back and join the mailing list if you're not on it already.

  3. Love the peplum top and pencil skirt! And the corset looks fabulous.

  4. Awesome finds, love the black dress on you. I feel the same way about my legs...ugh. Pants fit great, isn't it a motivator when you can wear things again? dawn suitcase vignetts xo

  5. The blue skirt outfit is awesome!!!!

  6. I really love that peplum top and I think the dress is cute but you need to be comfortable in it. It sounds like you've lost a good amount of weight so far to be replacing stuff. As someone in the same situation, I highly recommend finding a good tailor. I have had a few pieces cut down to fit my slimmer self and it saved money and meant I had to get rid of fewer favorite pieces. Congrats!

  7. That is one great haul!! You look fabulous in the top from AE. I rally love that maxi dress!!

  8. That corset top is amazing! I absolutely love that whole outfit. These are great buys!
    Your comment made me laugh so hard! "the side eye!" For the headband on my blog it's not tight, it's pretty loose on my head so a) it never hurts my head and b) it doesn't make my hair slide up and poof out the top like a mushroom.

  9. Nice shopping work! I think the colors of the last dress look nice on you. But then again, exchanging the dress = more shopping :)

  10. That black high/low dress is gorgeous! I'm such you'll get tons of use from that this summer!