Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Activities

Saturday, Bridget had her first day of swimming lessons. It took her about 20 minutes to warm up to the idea, and at first, she was the only one in class crying. By the last 10 minutes of the class, she seemed OK although she was still holding onto hubs like a little koala bear. When class was over, she was completely comfortable and started playing with a big ball. Next Saturday, we're going to bring her 15 minutes early, like the instructor suggested, and hope that she enjoys her time more.

Although it's creepy, I blurred out the other kids' faces because I'm sure their parents don't want them on my blog.

Collecting duckies, happy to be done with class.

Sunday, I did obscene amounts of laundry while switching off between watching Desperate Housewives (almost done with Season 1!) and Sesame Street. While Bridget napped, I also tried to do a french braid headband inspired by the Sara Rue picture (below) from Inspiration Monday on myself. It was a little messy, but decent enough that I left it in for work today, too. I didn't know what to do with all the excess hair in back, so I just made a bun.

I wore my new Crocs to run to Walgreens and found that they're a smidge too big, which led me to vanity sizing in shoes a thing now? The last two pairs of shoes I bought have been too big, and I've been a size 10 or 11 if the shoe is narrow since the beginning of time practically. I did try on a size 10 pair of shoes at Target that were a little tight, which is normal for me. But the Payless sandals I got, I ended up returning, and these Crocs are loose, too. And don't get me started on TOMS ballet flats. Those are ginormous. I should've just believed the reviews and bought a half size smaller of the Crocs. I've already worn them, though. Oooohhhh welllll. They're not that bad.

And now it's Monday. And it definitely feels like one.

Inspiration picture:

Since it's still chilly here, I went for the sleeves and tights version of this outfit. My interpretation:

Dress: Boston Store; Tights: Target?; Belt: New York & Co; Booties: Mr. Shoe


  1. Haha, the blurry face picture reminds me way too much of "The Real World", but with babies.

    I agree with the vanity shoe sizing thing. I seem to be wearing shoes that are a half-size or full size smaller these days.

  2. The hair works so well with the sweaterdress/belt/boot---love it. I hear you on the vanity sizing---felt that way at Top Shop recently. 10s and 11s were falling off my feet---not at all typical.

  3. The sizing issue could be because of your weight loss.

    1. Maybe, but I've never gone up or down in shoe size before - even when I was at my heaviest and pregnant or when I was a lot skinnier in college, I was still a size 10. I blame the shoes, haha. I feel like I have to adjust my whole identity to be a 9.5! Weird, I know.

  4. that's a good idea about the 15 minutes early swimming lessons thing. your shoes are cute. it's a bummer they don't fit the way you want them to. i do like how you made the messy bun with the leftover hair. your inspired outfit is very cute! :)