Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fifteen Month Stats

I forgot to document Bridget's 15-month checkup, so here it is a little late.

Height: 32.5 inches (95th percentile)

Weight: 23 lb 5 oz (50th percentile)

Size: 18–24 months in clothing (depends, some 18 month stuff is starting to get small, but some still fits), 4 in diapers, and 4 in shoes

Teeth: 6 — 4 on top, 2 on the bottom

Food: basically everything we eat with the exception of stuff toddlers shouldn't have like nuts, etc. And she eats more fruits and veggies than we do.

Drink: Mostly whole milk, and some flavored and regular water, too. The occasional juice.

Shots: Had two during this appointment. Just two more — at 18 months and 2 years and then she's done until kindergarten. Phew! Still, shots are not nearly as traumatizing as a blood draw or a chest X-ray, both of which she had to have within the last month.

  • can point out her nose and belly button
  • can use a spoon
  • runs all over the place
  • says "ball (bah)" and "dog (dah)" and "monkey (mah)." Do these words count? I don't know, but she knows what they mean.
  • grabs her coat when she wants to leave
  • knows where to go when it's time to change her diaper or take a bath

Pardon my foot


  1. YAY! :) She's too much cute. We need to get the kids to play soon ish! Now that they are running around. Seriously park date needs to be had.

    (Aaron had to have blood drawn twice- the second time, the lady missed THREE times...Aaron was NOT happy- and neither was his mama...)

    1. Oh it will be had! It just has to warm up a little. It always seems to be 10 degrees colder up there by the lake.

      They can never find Bridget's little vein either! It's so sad to watch.

  2. She knows when its time to change her diaper?? Sounds like its time to show her those cute big kid underwear!! It's getting close to Potty Training Time!!!! WooHoo!!

    P.S. Like your toenail polish ;)
    PPS This is Lindsey. i couldn't figure out how to make it say my name. (Yet another reminder that Nate got all the computer genes!)

    1. Haha hey sis.

      She grabs her crotch sometimes when her diaper's dirty; and when I tell her it's time to change her diaper, she'll walk to the changing table. That would be pretty awesome to have a potty trained kid this early!

  3. Ahhhhhh! So adorable with the little sailor outfit!!

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