Thursday, January 3, 2013


Have you seen the TV show Girls? I finally gave in and added HBO to our cable plan, and I'm so excited to watch some of these shows that I've been wanting to check out for awhile now. My sister-in-law, her husband, and I have really gotten into Girls this week. It's HBO, so it's pretty raunchy – comparable to Sex and the City; we've been reserving it for when the parents are away. It's pretty addicting, though. I recommend checking it out if you can.

Speaking of girls, my mom- and sis-in-law and I have been having a good time shopping while they are here visiting. On New Year's Eve, we hit up the mall with the two kids (Bridget, of course, and my nephew who is three months old). Bridget was a bit of a handful, but once we settled down in the kids' section of Barnes & Noble for a little bit, she did a lot better. Plus, she seemed like an angel compared to the other little girl who was hanging out there. On New Year's Day, which is when the outfit below is from, we left the kids at home and just checked out Kohl's to try to find some boots for my sis-in-law. Well, we didn't find boots, but we found plenty other things to spend our money on, including another pair of flats I don't need. But they're soooo comfortable, which not all flats are. I also bought this Rock & Republic top (I think it's that one...but the one I bought is black) to wear to the next concert I go to, whatever that ends up being, and this top that my mom-in-law picked out for work. Darn clearance racks. They get me every time. Sis and I also bought these fancy headbands basically just to wear around the house while drinking wine or tea.

Top: Old Navy; Dress: Gap; Belt: New York & Company; Headband: Kohl's

Um yeah, my lens is dirty or something.

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  1. Your sister in law looks like Anne Hathaway in that photo.