Saturday, January 12, 2013

Keep or Donate: Sweater #5 - Gray Vest/Cardigan & Sweater #6


Save for Later. This was a close one! You voted to donate, and I understand why. The bulk of this sweater is not the most flattering for my figure although I do like this outfit. I got this ponte knit New York & Company skirt for Christmas; and after originally balking at the size being too small and nearly returning it, I tried it on and ended up loving it. Turns out my mom-in-law is actually very good at shopping for me.

Since the sweater is so roomy, it's a great thing to have on hand when pregnant, so I'm going to move it to my maternity clothes bin.

And for today:

Banana Republic (gift)

Man, I have big bags under my eyes. Moving on...

The decision's up to you

I have a bonus sweater for you today. This one is from New York & Company, and it was a Christmas present this year, so it's not up for voting. Plus, why would anyone want to donate it? It's adorable, comfy, and the sleeves are long enough! Also, here I'm wearing my new Kut from the Kloth skinny jeans from Hot Mama. So far so good as far as the fit of the jeans goes.

And as one last bonus, here's Bridget in her new Baby Gap outfit with Old Navy leggings. She looks distressed because she was in the middle of searching for her stuffed monkey when I snapped this pic.


  1. Your Christmas sweater is adorable! I love the combo of pink and black.

  2. i have a similar sweater to the one you're wearing, short sleeved and open and i struggle with how to style it because it almost always has to be belted, but short sleeved sweaters make no sense - especially where we live in northern climates!

  3. definitely a "don't donate"! I love it paired with those boots.