Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes Red Carpet Style - Likes and Dislikes

Yikes, I had trouble cutting down my list, so here are a lot of gowns to look at. And one tuxedo.


Claire Danes in Versace (source)
She just had a baby. She looks amazing!

Amy Adams in Marchesa (source)
It's Marchesa! And blush! And lace! 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang (source)
If I remember correctly, she usually picks really nice award show gowns, and this was no exception.

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera (source)
I have a feeling this is one people are going to either love or hate. I loved it.

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford (source)
It was sharp looking, and it had the black and white trend going on. Plus, she was probably comfortably warm while all the other ladies were freezing.

Kristen Bell in Jenny Packham (source)
And that's how maternity style is done. Adorable.


Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein (source)
This was my least favorite look of the night. The top was weird; her hair was weird. The color's nice.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture (source)
She's gorgeous, and I love her in general, but what was with those boobs? Her hair and makeup looks nice, and most of the dress is fine, but it was very weird in the chest area.

Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton (source)
Here's another gorgeous woman whose dress I didn't care for.

Alyssa Milano (source)
She can do better, right? I'm just always disappointed when I see a yellow dress I don't like.

Emily Mortimer (source)
OK no. Even if I liked the dress, which I don't, the hair is just so messy.


Kerry Washington in Miu Miu (source)
I know most people probably loved this one, but the length was weird for me. Otherwise, she looks great.

Lena Dunham in Zac Posen (source)
OK it's not great, but it's better than some of the other things she's been wearing at events lately. I think the style thing will click one for her of these days, and she'll wear something spectacular. At least I hope.

Zosia Mamet (source)
Here's another Girls star. I feel like I should hate this, but...I don't? I like the trendy leather accents. Maybe it's not right for this event. I think had she smiled and sold it a little more, I might be on board.

Michelle Dockery in Alexander Vauthier (source)
I love, love, love the top of this look. Everything about it. I don't know how I feel about the all-white bottom, though.

Rosario Dawson (source)
The dress is OK, but the color is divine. It makes me want a whole wardrobe in that color.

Honorable Mentions

Mayim Bialik (source)
She's going to show up an all of my red carpet lists just 'cause I love her.

Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood Couture (source)
I've been watching Alias lately, and I always see her in super casual mom-on-the-go paparazzi photos, but she cleans up NICE. She looks stunning.

Dev Patel (Getty Images)
Whoops, I accidentally deleted my explanation when I published the post. I adore him, and if my novel is ever made into a movie, I'm going to cast him in it.

Phew, that was a long list. What'd you guys think of the fashion tonight?


  1. I love Zosia Mamet's leather dress, I just think she was styled terribly in it. It looks like they didn't do anything with her hair and makeup which in turn makes it look like she is just trying on clothes in her mother's closet rather than at an event.

  2. Amy Adams, Claire Danes and Jennifer Garner were my favorites from your list. I just loved the color of Amy's dress- how it matched her skin tone- most people couldn't pull that off, but she does in a GRAND way!

  3. Agree with most of your dislikes :) I love Lucy Liu's Carolina Herrera dress but just not on her or for this occasion :/