Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Keep or Donate: Sweater #10 - Argyle Vest


Keep. Like many other items in my closet, there are things I like and things I don't like about this sweater dress. I love sweater dresses in general, so that's a plus, and the sleeve length, cowl neck, and color are great. On the other hand, this is a tad short for work, which is why I wore it on a weekend this time, and the empire waist isn't ideal for my shape. But as my mom pointed out, it'll come in handy for maternity wear. It's hard for me to find sweater dresses that work perfectly for me, so I tend to end up settling because I like the idea of them. I did find a Ralph Lauren one at TJ Maxx a couple months ago that I loved, but I couldn't justify the price at the time.


New York & Company 

The decision's up to you


  1. That blazer is amaaaaaazing. We definitely have a similar obsession with yellow.

  2. I know someone to whom you can donate the vest.

    1. It might be too big on you Mom, but if you want it, it's yours.