Sunday, January 6, 2013

Layers on a Lazy Weekend

Although I had a nice time seeing our family over the holidays, I welcomed a weekend without any plans. Between running errands and doing laundry, mostly all I've been doing this weekend is watching tons of HBO shows. I finished Girls (can't wait for Season 2 in a week!) and have moved onto The Newsroom. I don't even watch the news in life, but I really like all the characters in the show, and the plot is entertaining even though most of the political and current events dialogue goes right over my head. There's only one season of that to watch, and then I'll have to tackle Boardwalk Empire.

My husband bought a few movies with gift cards he received, and he also bought a Blu-ray player for our bedroom, so he's set. As for Bridgey, she's perfectly content flipping from movie to movie on the Kindle Fire. We do get out of the house, too...yesterday, we took the dog to the dog park, and I think that's on the docket again today after Bridge wakes up from her nap. So today - relaxation. Tomorrow - get serious and get the heck back on Weight Watchers. That's the plan.

Lace Top: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl's); Gingham Top: J.Crew Factory; Cardigan: Wet Seal;
Necklace: gift; Jeans: New York & Company; Boots: Macy's

If you're wondering why I'm in two different locations, first I took pictures on my front porch, and then I decided to stop at the nature preserve briefly while running errands to take a couple more pictures. See that railing behind me? My camera was perched precariously on the same kind of railing on the other side of the bridge. I really need to get me a Gorillapod already.


  1. I just ordered a gorillapod with an amazon gift card I got for Christmas!
    Also I loved the Newsroom, it's very well written and emotional. Enjoy!

  2. That sounds like a really nice weekend. I bet it's a huge relief after the holidays! We've been doing a lot of the same at our house. Which, is really bad because we are still living out of boxes. I just don't have much energy left after Christmas and the move!