Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bra Fitting Experience

Up until a month or so ago, I had a couple misconceptions about bra fittings. First of all, I was under the impression that the cup size is the same no matter what. A 32D has the same space in the cup as a 38D. Not true. I learned a lot from this post: Everything You Need to Know about Bras. I studied this infographic for minutes on end until I understood what it was trying to tell me. Seriously, it blew my mind.

My second misconception was that Victoria's Secret was as good a place as any to get fitted and buy bras. I mean, it was certainly a step up from the Target lot I used to buy, but I guess the general consensus is that there are people better qualified out there. The couple times I've had a VS fitting, the girls have told me I was wearing the correct size. And I think I probably was at the time. Or at least pretty close. I'm not a challenging case, chest wise, I guess.

Anyway, since the weight loss (the very slow, lazy weight loss), I can tell none of my bras are fitting perfectly. I have a couple 36Ds that are not bad, but I also have some 36DDs that are definitely too big. So I budgeted an extra 45 minutes of time yesterday after work and visited Allure Intimate Apparel in Mequon. They also have a shop in Brookfield and three Minnesota locations.

One of the sales ladies greeted me right when I walked in and got me into a room to start the fitting. She had me take my shirt off but leave my bra on while she wielded her measuring tape. After measuring right under my bust and right across the fullest part, she guessed I was a 36C or D. Yup, sounds likely. Then, she brought in a total of eight bras, a couple at a time. I think only one was a 36D and the others were 34DD or 34E. From what I understand about  US vs. UK sizing and the range of brands the shop carries, DD may be the same as E in some cases? I'm a little fuzzy on those details.

It was a little overwhelming at first because each bra fit a little differently, but all eight bras fit tons better than the 36DD I walked in wearing. It then became a question of what style I liked best. I ended up buying one for now (a 34E), but I'll definitely go back in the future. I seem to fluctuate in weight one way or the other every year, so I don't think it's worth it to invest in too many nice bras yet. And now that I have a better idea of how things are supposed to fit, I can go back to Victoria's Secret if I want to with the understanding that I have to try on EVERYTHING. Not just buy something 'cause it's the size I think I am.

To the Before and After pics...



Can you tell the difference? It might be a little better besides the fact that this new bra doesn't work with a thin T-shirt.


  1. Great post! A good bra makes a huge difference. I've been fitted before at VS with terrible results- the people there measure very loosely while I'm still wearing clothes and their recommendations are totally different from when I've been measured at Nordstrom by people who have me take my clothes off and measure properly.

    1. Yeah, having too big of a band seems to be a common problem, and measuring over your clothes like they do at VS can't help. Being a woman is far too much work sometimes.

  2. I've never gone to a proper fitting place before but now, I might have to try one. I've been a 36DD for awhile after losing weight and moving down for a 38D. It was so hard to believe at first, but that chart puts it into perspective. Thanks for sharing your experience.