Sunday, June 23, 2013

What I Ended Up Wearing

So here's what I ended up wearing to the Miggs/Candlebox show. My favorite among the options I presented the other day was actually option 2, but you guys made some good points - I'd be too hot in the boots and the obi belt, and I wouldn't be able to move my arms comfortably because of how the dress is designed. Option 3 was leading by a couple votes, but I was a little concerned about being overdressed. So I left it up to my girls, which tipped the scales even further in option 3's favor. Option 3 it is!

Unfortunately, I was running late that day, and I didn't get any real outfit pictures. I do have this picture from my meet & greet, though. Don complimented my yellow Converse shoes, and a drunk lady (who was actually wearing a shirt almost identical to my option 1 top) walked by me later in the night and yelled, "Aren't you so cute!" So thank you for your input on my outfit choices!

John, Don, me, Walker, and Michael - Love those guys!

For the first part of the day, I went with a more work-appropriate version, which I thought was pretty cute and wanted to recreate to show you.

Dress (as a top) and Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target; Skirt and Cardigan: New York & Company;
Bracelets: Target, H&M, Kate Spade, and a street festival


  1. Oh, it's fun to see how you styled it differently for work and play! The work version is adorable and was definitely worth sharing!

  2. You picked my favorite!! Looks like you had such a killer night!! The yellow chucks just make it so fun!

  3. Very cute, Rebekah! I really like how you wore the dress as a top for work - very cute, and you can't tell it's a dress at all!! :)