Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tonight is the First Night

Although I didn't take many pictures, I have to say something about the Hanson show I went to in St. Louis last weekend and then steal all my friends' pictures to show you.

It was my first time in Missouri, so I was pretty excited to see the arch. Side note: my husband had no idea what the arch was. The boy needs to get out more.

Us at the arch at about 1 in the morning after the show (stolen from Facebook)

The show was at a wine festival, and we arrived at our hotel a couple hours before Hanson's set began, giving us plenty of time to get ready and socialize with some fan friends staying in the same hotel. A little after 9, we walked over to the festival, bought some drink tickets, and sampled some adult beverages.

Us four (stolen from Facebook/Instagram)

The whole group (stolen from Facebook/Instagram)

We each only had a couple samples and weren't able to use up our tickets before we migrated over to the stage to claim some spots. We had about first and second row on the far left side, which was pretty great for showing up so close to show time. Thank goodness for wine and beer distracting people, haha. Unfortunately, that also made for a somewhat annoying crowd. The problem with Hanson fans (and maybe other fandoms as well?) is that some of us feel entitled. A girl behind my friend was trying to get in front of us "to take a picture" and said that the men standing in front didn't deserve to be there because they weren't fans. Well, it doesn't really matter if they are or not - they were there first, as my friend pointed out. And then the girl called her a B. Whatever. That's just what you get to look forward to if you get a good spot at a Hanson show. Stand in the back to avoid drama.

K was the only one with a real camera, so she got the best pictures.

This one's mine.

Also mine - I just like this one because Isaac and Zac are both smiling.

Besides the crowd, the show was great! Isaac seemed a little over it, but Zac and Taylor looked like they were having fun. My three friends and I tried to guess the set list, like we did for the Iowa show last year, and I tied for first again! They played the singles, of course, four new songs, a couple surprises, and a cover ("Oh! Darling" by the Beatles - video below).

By the way, Hanson's new album Anthem comes out this coming Tuesday, June 18! Go pick it up! I love what I've heard from it already, especially "Tonight," which I took a lyric from for the post title. And there's an Isaac song on this album!! Woohoo! OK, I'm done. /teenybopper

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  1. i get so geeked out when i think about how someone i met through this style blogging venture is as big of a hanson fan as i am! it was so cool to read your review, i am so looking forward to seeing them this summer! i just regret i didn't preorder anthem otherwise i would probably be listening to it right now. i hope you are enjoying it!