Friday, June 28, 2013

What I Wore This Week

Sometimes if I'm super ambitious or super bored, I like to plan my outfits for the week ahead of time so that I don't have to think about it in the mornings. This was one of those weeks.

Also, sorry if this is annoying, but I wanted to remind everyone that Google Reader is going away in just a couple days. If you'd like to continue following along with my blog (which I hope you do! I'd love to have you!), I encourage you to add me on Bloglovin or your reader of choice. Thank you!

OK, back to the outfits.


Pants: Gap; Shirt: Uniqlo; Necklace: garage sale; Shoes: New York & Company; Watch: Fossil; Bracelet: H&M


Pants: New York & Company; Sweater and Tank Top: Kohl's; Sandals and Headband: Target


Dress: Anthropologie; Lace Top: H&M; Shoes: Kohl's; Bracelet and Watch: Michael Kors

By the way, the reviews on this dress were right. The bust is oddly large, and I wished all that day that I had put the detachable spaghetti straps on.


Shirt: Kohl's; Skirt: Target; Shoes: L.L.Bean; Bracelets: Kate Spade and H&M

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  1. Love the first and last look!

    PS Sorry it's been awhile since I've commented. Lost track of blogs with the closing of Google Reader. Now following on Bloglovin'!