Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mom's Day Off

My husband and daughter decided to take an impromptu trip to Michigan to visit some family yesterday, and I stayed home to watch the dog, clean the house for my in-laws' arrival today, and just chill. And chill I did. Here's how my day off went down:
  1. Slept in until 9:15 after dropping hubs and kiddo off at the ferry at 5:30 AM.
  2. Went to our friends' son's second birthday party.
  3. Visited E-Collectique Runway Boutique to use up a Groupon and only spent $6 (purchases below).
  4. Caught up on a couple DVRed episodes of Resale Royalty.
  5. Watched Ghost World (a favorite of mine) and then was drawn into Death at a Funeral (British comedy with an ensemble cast) after it.
  6. Blogged.
  7. Ate too much junk food but drank only one glass of wine surprisingly.
  8. Stayed up late and watched Freaks and Geeks on Netflix.

I haven't tried the Grenache yet, but the Riesling was good.
The cheese was eh, and the puppy chow was amazing of course.

Calvin Klein - I plan to wear this to my husband's cousin's wedding in August.
It's 100% cotton, so it'll be perfect in case it ends up being super hot that day.

DKNY - They're a little bit short, so I may have to get them tailored shorter or slimmer,
but I couldn't pass them up. They made my butt look redonkulous. Do people still say that?

I was actually looking for a wide tan belt, so this one worked!
And now I have to get serious and start cleaning. Then, I hope to have time before hubs gets home to make him some rhubarb blackberry (or strawberry, haven't decided) crumble for Father's Day!

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