Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Casual Hamptons-ish Style

This outfit ended up being kind of a tribute to my most popular post, the one from two years ago about Divya's style from Royal Pains. I guess I should've started a blog series following along with her fashion choices, but now I'm behind three episodes for this season because I've been waiting to watch them with my husband. Also, our friend said there was a Royal Pains movie on TV around Christmas? I don't know.

Top: RACHEL Rachel Roy; Shorts, Bracelet, and Sandals: Target; Watch: Zing Accessories;
Necklace: Etsy; Sunglasses:

Yeah, laundry room selfie. I thought this outfit looked better with my hair down.

Maybe once I catch up, I'll do a follow-up post on more Divya Katdare style, but for now, here's a preview featuring Divya looking chic as usual and wearing a necklace I MUST HAVE FOR MYSELF!

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