Sunday, June 2, 2013

Six Flags and a Broken Pipe

My husband has been working tirelessly, trying to get our basement finished.* I'll post pictures when it's done, but he expects to finish the drywall part this weekend. Bridget and I had plans to go to Six Flags Great America yesterday, and just as we were about to walk out the door, my husband yelled from downstairs. He had punctured a pipe under some drywall he had just put up in the ceiling and was understandably beyond frustrated. There was nothing I could really do but get in the way, so he said we should still go to Great America.

*I've helped out a little where I can, but mostly I've been entertaining Bridget and making sure the rest of the house doesn't fall into too much disarray.

So off we went. Bridget LOVED it. She's definitely a little thrill seeker. The only part that made her nervous was meeting Scooby Doo and Tweety. Otherwise, she was all about the rides and getting her face painted again.

Up, Up & Away


Spacely’s Sprocket Rockets

Rocky Road Rescue Service

By the time we got home at 3ish, Hubs had invited a friend over to decompress, and I helped them carry the rest of the drywall downstairs. As for the basement drama, our plumber was able to stop by, and he fixed the problem in about 15 minutes. Hubs is back at it today and hoping to finish so that we can all relax next weekend since I'm off to St. Louis for my friend's 30th birthday celebrations (including seeing Hanson), Bridget is off to my parents' house, and hubs gets a much-needed and much-deserved relaxing weekend at home.

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