Sunday, June 30, 2013

Comfort and Fun

Here's the Style Imitating Art piece for this week.

Top: J.Crew Factory; Tank Top: Old Navy; Jeans: New York & Company; Shoes: Kohl's; Necklace: old; Bracelet: Kate Spade; Bag: Michael Kors via TJ Maxx

I was all about comfort on Friday, when I wore this, having stayed out late to see Fun at Summerfest the night before. Great show, by the way. From recalling Heidi's review of the show she went to last year, I was mostly excited to experience the charisma of Nate, the lead singer. He did not disappoint. He was energetic and happy and just in awe of the crowd. This was the first date of their summer tour, and Nate mentioned how it was their biggest show yet. I was wondering whether they'd be jaded at this point with all the fame, but from where I sat wayyyy in the back (thank goodness for those big screens), he seemed just as gracious as what I had read about. Definitely read Heidi's review from last year - she explains it better than I do.

One funny part was when Jack talked about how much he loved the cheese curds and Nate referred to Milwaukee as "the good land." Haha. I kept thinking back to how I met Jack briefly when Steel Train opened up for Hanson in '09 and how far he's come since then - now headlining huge shows and dating Lena Dunham. Pretty amazing!

October 2009 - with Daniel and Jack from Steel Train

Even the opening acts, Family of the Year and Walk the Moon were pretty good. I ended up downloading both their albums after the show. Actually, I meant to only download Walk the Moon's, but I got the two bands mixed up, so now I have both. Since then, I've been listening to Walk the Moon's album on repeat, and I learned that they'll be back in Milwaukee in the fall. I probably won't be able to go, but it's good to know just in case.


  1. so glad you had such a good time! i'm really bummed fun isn't coming back to mpls/st paul for the most nights tour, i would love to see them again even though i'll always appreciate most that small show they played here the first time i saw them. they really do put on such a great show. and it's funny, but i think jack kind of looks exactly the same as he did back from the steel train days!

  2. I wish I'd gone to more concerts when I lived in the US. The only one I managed to go to was Snow Patrol (the night before I left!) It was definitely worth it, but it would've been fun to go to more.

    Your polka dot top is super cute - great interpretation of the painting!