Friday, October 7, 2011

Fads: Oui ou Non?

In February, trying to figure out how one wears a poncho.

1. Do you ever see a fad hit the stores and immediately dislike it? Has that fad ever began to grow on you? I hate fads all the time when they first come out. I’ve never been a cape or poncho fan, but since I got one last winter as a gift, I figured I might as well give it a shot. I remember I haaaaaaaated vests when they were popular years ago, but now I love them. The list goes on and on. I’m pretty sure I probably hated leggings in the past, too. One trend that I still hate and don’t think I’ll ever try is the brogues trend. I have large feet--there’s no way dude shoes are going to look good on me. It’s just not happening, and frankly, I don’t like it on most other people either. I’m not big into menswear in general, though, so that’s not terribly shocking.  I do like the high heeled version, though.


2. Has the popularity of a certain piece of clothing or line ever convinced you to try on something (or purchase something) you dislike? Probably. I like getting in on the hype. There’s nothing wrong with trying something on because you never know until you do, but I don’t think I would buy something if I didn’t like it. Who knows, maybe I have. You know what, I’m sure had there been Missoni stock in my local Target the day it came out, I probably would’ve made some bad decisions.

3. Have you ever changed your mind about a trend after seeing it around for a while? All the time. Sometimes I just can’t tell how something is going to work in the real world until I see it on a bunch of other people...or something like that.

4. Do you feel a certain pressure to have specific items in your closet because 'everyone' else does? I bought both the Tucker for Target shirt-dress and the Old Navy surplus vest because I saw it on tons of other bloggers. I wouldn’t say I felt pressured, but I wouldn’t have gravitated toward either of those items had I not see “everyone” working them.

5. Be honest, what do you think of the Missoni line? Did you grab any items? Is it worth the eBay prices? I wasn’t a huge fan of all the zigzags. I liked the idea of the silk scarves, but I didn’t know how much use I’d actually get out of them. The one thing I did purchase from the line were the brown textured tights, which I think are great although they already have a couple snags in them. Definitely not worth the eBay prices, though.

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  1. I definitely like to see how someone rocks a fad before buying into it ;)

  2. I agree- there's no harm in trying out a new trend because you won't know if you like it until you try it! :)

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