Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One More Circle Skirt

As I was walking into work today, a woman came up behind me and was like, “Excuse me!” Immediately, I thought, uh oh. Is my skirt see-through? Is there something on the back of it? Has the hem fallen out? She came up next to me and was like, “I LOVE your outfit! It looks kind of vintage, right?” I told her I made the skirt, and she was like, “I love the whole thing! I love all the colors together. My friend sews, and she would love this.” I just grinned and said thank you repeatedly. Turns out we were walking into the same building, so I didn’t know what to say after that, but she sped ahead and went on her way. So that was a nice start to the day.

Skirt: self-made; Sweater: Boston Store, I think; Necklace: Maurices; Belt: Forever 21; Shoes: Kohl's

I made this skirt in an hour last night, again using this tutorial from Made, so there are quite a few imperfections. I get so impatient with hemming--it always looks like I was sewing drunk or something. Plus, the skirt is longer in the back; good thing high-low skirts are in because yeah...I accidentally made one. But overall, I do like it. I’ve been eyeing this crinkle cotton fabric at Walmart for months now, but I couldn’t decide which color to get. Cobalt is so big this season, I guess I picked the right one!

I’ve been wearing a few other homemade pieces recently, like my striped circle skirt and my guitar print studded square top.

I think it’s time I try making my daughter something again. This candy corn dress from Pinterest is a definite possibility...

Source: etsy.com via Rebekah on Pinterest



  1. Oh my gosh the candy corn dress is too perfect!!!!!

  2. how kind of that lady to take time out of her morning dash to the office to compliment you, the skirts look fabulous on you~ i would LOVE to see a little one in that candy corn dress!

  3. The skirt is so cute! And what a great color choice. I think finding the "in" color is a great way to fool people into thinking it's not homemade (which I need, because my first skirt attempt has rather a lot of imperfections). I will definitely have to check out this tutorial...

  4. I love love looove that skirt! I'm trying to either get up the courage to try making one myself, or getting my mother to do it for me haha. Such a great shape, I love the color of the first one! So beautiful on you!

    And also, that last picture is too cute. I now want candy corn :P


  5. You are really talentes- I absolutely love the blue circle skirt- it has such great flounce and twirl to it!

  6. That cobalt skirt looks great! This post makes me want to pick up sewing again :)

  7. I have been looking for a good tutorial to make my own circle skirt. I'll have to check out the one from Made - yours is fabulous!

  8. i have recently gotten into making skirts, too, and i love this one! i think i need to switch it up and try some different patterns. i also have been meaning to say that i love the square top you made from cotton & curls' tutorial - i want to try that too. you did a great job!

  9. That skirt is gorgeous. I love the length and shape! It's super flattering. And I'm crazy about those black and white curtains!

  10. That is a very cute baby dress, eh. btw, love your skirt. Very creative DIY too.

    Cathy@discount uniforms