Monday, October 17, 2011

Klutzy and Late? Sounds about Right!

This weekend, my husband, Bridget, and I flew down to Georgia for his cousin’s wedding and grandmother’s 80th birthday party.

We stayed at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s place with a bunch of other relatives. I loved their house, and I was especially impressed with their eclectic book collection. Neither of them have language-related jobs, but they had rows of books that made this editor drool. I wanted to steal them all. They also had a C.S. Lewis collection that could rival my dad’s.

One of hubs’ cousins brought his baby girl over who’s only about two months older than Bridget. It was a lot of fun watching them play and interact with each other. I also had fun hanging out with hubs’ sister and her husband as usual. It’s too bad both his sisters don’t live closer by. That’d be neat to see them more often.

The morning of the wedding was crazy. With such a big group, we ended up taking three cars. The first car left an hour or so earlier than the other two cars, so there was kind of a lot of stress surrounding getting them out the door in time.

The biggest hiccup of the day happened while sis-in-law and I were getting ready. She asked me to paint the nails on her right hand. I grabbed the nailpolish, shook it, and polish went flying EVERYWHERE. Whoops!!!!!!! It landed on my dress, my foot, on the carpet, and on the white duvet cover. Crap. She sis, hubs’ aunt, and I spent the rest of the time before we had to leave cleaning that up. The carpet looked fine, my toes were still gunmetal color since we used all the nailpolish remover on everything else, and the duvet was screwed. We ended up dropping it off at a dry cleaners and hoping for the best. The dry cleaner people didn’t sound optimistic, though...

Our car left with plenty of time to get to the wedding, even with our dry cleaning stop. Unfortunately, we hit tons of traffic on the way there and may have stopped off at McDonald’s since we were all really hungry. Bridget loves french fries, by the way. So anyway, we got to the wedding ten minutes late and snuck in the back.

The good news is, it was a GORGEOUS day for a wedding. The weather could not have been more perfect. The wedding and reception were held at a winery with mountain views in the background and plenty of wine and delicious food to be consumed. Pretty much ideal. And of course, the bride looked stunning and very happy. The reception actually ended at 8:00, which was OK with us because we had an hour and a half drive back to hubs’ aunt’s house. Hubs, who hates going to weddings, admitted that he would go to ten more if they were all like that--very laid-back and ending at 8:00. Hehe.

Dress: Kohls; Blazer: Gap; Clutch: Fred Boutique; Shoes: Target; Necklace and Bracelet: gifts

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  1. Baby Bridget is giving some major fierce smizing! Man I love those socks

  2. So envious of that clutch! You and Bridget look fabulous :)

  3. great dress and the colors of the dress and cardigan look great on you... you could even make it more spring/summery next year with a flower in your hair! perfect hairstyle for a big one!

  4. Windex and hairspray are miracle workers for removing nail polish. :) -Theresa

  5. I think we tried hairspray, but there was probably too much nailpolish remover on it already to make a difference. Didn't think of Windex, though!

  6. You look beautiful! And Bridget is the cutest little thing!

  7. Y'all look great! I'm not sure where you went in GA, but it was nice here in the ATL, so I hope you enjoyed it.