Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloweens of Yore

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday

1. Do you have plans for Halloween? What will you dress up as this year? I am hosting a party and dressing up as Amy Farrah Fowler from Big Bang Theory. My husband is going to be Sheldon after he got back from the North Pole since he had a beard in that one episode.

2. Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration? Google? I usually decide what I’m going to be first and then reference pictures of whoever it is to create the costume.

3. What was the best costume you've ever donned? I was trying to think back to all my recent Halloween costumes, and I think I remember them all since junior year of college and one from sophomore year of high school. In reverse order:

Pregnant skeleton

Selene from Underworld (though everyone thought I was Trinity from The Matrix because I couldn’t get the stupid vampire teeth to stick)
I know what you're thinking--that is the best rendition of Wolverine you've ever seen.  I agree.
Jolly Green Giant

Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame

Dr. Torres from Grey’s Anatomy

Mona Lisa from the DaVinci Code (with the writing on the bottom corner of my frame)

Mrs. White from Clue

Sandy from Grease (tried to dye my hair blond, big mistake)

a butterfly

...and Scary Spice (the high school one, obviously).  I don't have a picture of the Spice Girls ensemble costume, but if any of my friends have it handy, I'll post it later.  Out of those, I guess the best costume would either be the Jolly Green Giant or Mona Lisa. Or Scary Spice, haha.

4. What's the most creative costume you've ever seen? The one that came to mind right away was a giant rearview mirror with fuzzy dice.

5. No holds barred if you could dress up as anything, what would it be? I don’t know about this year, but a couple years ago, I really wanted to go as Beyonce in the Single Ladies video and do the dance wherever I went. I just wasn’t all about wearing a leotard in public. But if I could’ve gotten the costume and the dance perfect, that would’ve been awesome. I was OBSESSED with that video at the time.



  1. I've always loved the jolly green giant!

  2. Ahh Beyonce doing that dance would be great but I agree.. so awkward to wear a leotard in public.. however tons of.. how shall I put this nicely... less modest.. girls will be wearing even less than that. Yikes. All your costumes are awesome!!!!

  3. I was Esmerelda once for Halloween! I totally want to get my friends to go as the characters from Clue now, I have total shoe-ins for Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum, hmm...

  4. Great really love this holiday as much as I do.Dawn xo