Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's the Deal with Homecoming Dresses?

I'm gonna play the old lady card here for a minute.  The one time I went to a homecoming dance was eleven years ago now, and it seems to me that maybe a lot has changed since then.

Are short dresses the thing these days?  I was at TGI Friday's the other day with a few friends, and we couldn't help but notice how scandalous and/or casual these homecoming dresses had become.  The ones that shocked us the most were a very short, tight leopard print dress and a girl with a slit open back and a nude color lace tube top bandeau thing sticking out.  Chica, I wore a low back dress to homecoming as well, but I did not have undergarments showing.  I appreciate the modesty thing, but I'm thinking black would've been better.  Or nothing at all (it wasn't that scandalous of a slit).  And I'm pretty sure those two girls were in the same group, which is kind of amusing.  The date of the leopard print girl wasn't doing much better.  He was wearing an oversized dress shirt untucked with a baseball cap turned backwards.

The other confusing group was the extremely casual bunch.  A few girls schlepped past our booth in simple knit dresses, ballet flats, and messy buns.  I don't know, maybe there was a youngster club nearby and they weren't really going to homecoming.

There were a few winners, though.  We saw the most adorable couple--a girl in a knee-length tulle dress with a wrist corsage and cute updo, and the guy in a nice suit/tux and boutonniere.  High five to them!

It made me think back to my one Homecoming experience. Back in my day, I feel like most girls wore fancier floor length dresses. It didn’t seem to be as formal as event as prom; for instance, I don't think the guys dressed up as much, and I know I at least didn’t get my hair done. But the dresses were still a pretty big deal. Mine was iridescent, sparkly, high cut in the front, and low back.

I enjoyed myself even though I ended up going dateless with a group of friends.  I remember asking I think five guys to go (gutsy, right?) and got shooot dooowwwn five times.  We started off the night meeting at my friend, Holly's house, I believe.  I was having a hair crisis and settled for throwing it up in a claw clip thing.  It was the most stringy and blah hairdo ever.  Then we enjoyed a classy dinner at Old Country Buffet, haha. In the end, though, I danced with a couple guys and had a jolly good, extremely innocent time.

Thinking about my homecoming experience and seeing some of the dresses girls are wearing today makes me a little concerned, and frankly panicked, for the future.  But let's not worry about that for today.  Let's just talk about the fashion.  If you went to homecoming, what did you wear?  Or what kinds of things do the students in your area wear now?


  1. My high school had a very casual homecoming. It was really no big deal. You justwore whatever dress or skirt was in your closet. And dates were not a requirement at all. It was kind of weird compared to most people's experiences.
    Everything seems to have become much more casual these days. It seems like jeans are acceptable everywhere, which makes me sad. I think dressing up is fun once in a while.

  2. pretty sure I wore pants to the one homecoming dance I went to. I'm not much for dances anyway but I also don't really remember anyone being real fancy. I don't know what any of the students around here wear but the makeup of each high school is SO different that I wouldn't be surprised if the district three homecoming-goers were dressed totally differently than the homecoming-goers in district seven!

  3. We dressed up for homecoming at my school, but like you said, not as fancy as prom. Homecoming was more "casual" but not ballet flats and baseball hat casual!! And certainly not skin tight leopard "dressy" either. It sounds like some people are taking fashion cues from Jersey Shore or something! Yikes!!!

  4. I'm thinking home coming is the same as Prom here? I wore this awesome backless printed top with a floor length full skirt, I'll also play the "old lady" card and say that this was about 11 years ago also!

    I don't get the ridiculously short dresses girls are wearing these days, its brutal....

  5. Our homecoming is (and has been for a while) extremely casual. You wear whatever your wore to the football game (except for us band members, of course, lol) It had to be in dress code though ( we live in friggin Texas and can't wear shorts, even knee length), so most people wear jeans and maybe a nice shirt but usually a t-shirt. My friends and I showed up in dresses last year and looked plain fools. Sooo yep.