Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Love My LBD

Dress: New York & Company; Blouse: Fred Boutique; Cardigan: H&M; Tights: ?; Boots: Mr. Shoe

I've been in the market for a nice little black dress for awhile. The one I had was a stretchy knit one from Gap that's at least 5-years-old, faded, and kind of too small. The fact that it was stretchy helped it last that long, but I wanted something with more structure for my next LBD.

I don't often buy black clothes because I don't think I look particularly good in black, and I can never keep black clothes free of cat and dog hair and bits of kleenex I forgot to take out of my pockets before washing. Still, every woman needs an LBD for the versatility factor alone.

Luckily, New York and Company ALWAYS has some coupons and discounts floating around, so I snatched up this one right before hubs declared we need to stop spending money for awhile. And I love it. It really is the perfect LBD for me.

Although this sounded like a sponsored post, it's not. I was just excited to find a black dress I liked.


  1. Oooh---love this whole layered look! Great LBD :) I hear you...I'm not huge on black dresses either, but when you find a great one you have to go for it! Definitely have come to appreciate how versatile they are.

  2. Cute! I can relate to the pet hair thing. When I lived at home, we had three cats, and a dog; their was pet hair on clothes before I even got them in the door!

  3. Super cute! I l love it layered with the blouse and the cardigan